Mount&Blade: With Fire&Sword





Name Author Version Categories Game Version Description Mode Languages
1796 just4kicks 0.9 Total Conversion 1.143 A Napoleonic era multiplayer mod for Mount and Blade: WFaS. Features bayonets, much more realistic firearms, new scenes, and a heavy focus on the popular "Captain Co-Op" game mode. Factions include England, France, the United States, Austria, and Prussia. Multiplayer EN
Battal Gazi: Kurşun ve Ok Tüfekçi Başı 2.2 Troops, Partial Conversion, Items 1.143 7 new factions, new items Multiplayer EN
Bnet Armor Mod Noob4Sale 1.0.0b Items 1.143+ Adds new armors to MP, native compatible Multiplayer EN
Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod Csatádi bugfixer 1.603 Troops, Items, Compilation, Graphics 1.143 What is this mod about? It contains a lot of bugfixes (scene, script, model, siege), new items, units, scripts, balancing, visual improvements and historical additions. You cannot found your own kingdom (only became ruler during the story), or have fantasy elements. Singleplayer EN
Demon Mod Bad Idea 0.9 MP mode 1.143 Knights vs. demons Multiplayer EN
End of an Era: 30 Years War BassMusket v1 Total Conversion 1.143 The Thirty Years War has come to M&B WFAS! With 7 completely new multiplayer factions, you'd better keep your pikes long and pointy and your muskets quick- loading and accurate! Multiplayer EN
English Civil War NPC99 Alpha8 Total Conversion 1.143 All three of Charles Stuart's kingdoms are in rebellion. Presbyterian covenanters have thrown King Charles and his bishops out of Scotland, occupying northern England. Catholic confederates have retaken much of Ireland. Parliament has ejected the king from his capital, London, and is raising England's trained bands to defend its constitutional rights and the protestant reformation. Each set of rebels claims loyalty to his majesty while taking up arms against him. The king has raised his battle standard in Nottingham and moved his court to Oxford. Anxious to release royalist troops from garrison duty in Ireland, for use against Parliament, King Charles is negotiating with the Catholic confederates under a temporary truce, and considering the legitimisation of catholicism in Ireland. Singleplayer EN
Era of Supremacy WESTre ? Troops, Partial Conversion, Items Little mod set in the Napoleonic Era Multiplayer EN
Gaunt's gameplay mod Gaunt ? Mechanics 1.143 Singleplayer EN
Gaunt's Mod Reloaded paulgrrr Mechanics Both EN
GESIA Mod Pack gesia 0.7 Compilation 1.143 Merges a number of F&S and WB mods into one large experience Singleplayer EN
Gotha's Admini Tools - for WFAS Gotha Competitive version Admin Utility 1.143 Tools for WFAS Admin server Multiplayer EN
Improved WFaS moraka Compilation, Graphics, Sound Singleplayer EN
Kengeki Gaiden Toasticuss 2.0 Kengeki Gaiden is a fictional Japanese mod set in the 17th Century of Japan. Both EN
Morakas WFAS Mod moraka Compilation, Graphics, Interface, Sound Graphics, music, sounds Singleplayer EN
More realistic muskets Willhelm Items, Mechanics Tries to make muskets more realistic Singleplayer EN
Neo Native Morgh 1.35 Graphics, Mechanics 1.143+ Completely changed overland map, additional rivers and bridges, reallocation of all parties, changed ground textures at the overland map, changed textures at the battlefields. Singleplayer EN, DE
Polish - Soviet War CatNet 3.5 Total Conversion 1.143 This is an early access mod for "Mount & Blade: WFAS" that depicts the Polish - Soviet War. Singleplayer EN
Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment Caba`drin 0.92 Troops, Mechanics 1.143 Pre-Battle Orders (give troops orders before the battle starts, so they spawn with those orders), Pre-Battle Deployment (choose which troops spawn with you as the battle starts), ability to split 1 troop type into 2 divisions, battle continuation with mouse-operated death cam, ... Singleplayer EN
Respec Mod and Proper NPC Import & Export Mod RamonNZ 1.3 Mechanics 1.143 This is an in-game respec mod for yourself and companions, for With Fire and Sword 1.143. For those who don't know - respec is short for re-specialization. It allows you to reallocate the stats/skills/proficiencies of your character or NPC. You access it from the Camp menu/Take an action. Singleplayer EN
Sound and Smoke FX Mod solecist 3.0 Sound 1.143 Add new sounds effect Both EN
Teutonic Wars CatNet 0.1 Early Access Total Conversion 1.143 This is a port of the mod Teutonic Wars, which originally is on Warband. Singleplayer EN
Thirty year conflict Ex Unitae Vires 2.0 Demo Total Conversion 1.143 The WAR of all WARS, that decided the fate of nations and their beliefs. In this mod you will be able to change the tides of the thirty years war, claiming which nation to be the true victor. Singleplayer EN
War Getting Worse QWW Beta 2.20 Troops, Items 1.143 New style of weapons and more troops as the base features, and many more. Singleplayer EN
WFaS Administrator Mod Poul2 1.0 Admin Utility 1.143 Multiplayer EN
WFaS Battalion Wambo 0.8 MP mode Mod made to play line battle. Multiplayer EN
WFaS Battle Size Changer Janus 1.6 Mechanics With this tool you can get around the game's battle size limit of 150 and instead choose up to 1000. Note that overly large battle sizes can very easily crash WF&S if your computer isn't able to handle them, or at the least cause horrible slowdowns. Don't even expect to be able to have battles of size 1000 even if you have the latest and greatest hardware; that upper limit is that high to give plenty of leeway. If you experience crashes, you should lower the battle size. Singleplayer EN
WFAS Co-op Enhanced Edition randomcode Full Version Total Conversion 1.143 Multiplayer EN
WFaS Enhanced Edition randomcode 0.2 Total Conversion 1.143 WFaS Enhanced Edition, this is a project that add some new feature to WFaS Both EN
WFaS Enhanced Unofficial SendMeSmile 1.86a Graphics, Mechanics 1.143+ Singleplayer EN
WFaS Improvements XCram 0.65 Total Conversion 1.143 WFaS Improvements is a porting of WB Native Improvements mod to the outdated WFaS engine. It's not based on Diplomacy, Floris or anything. It's my own mod with my own concept. Yet it includes Freelancer, but my own saving your time version with a possibility to skip battles. Singleplayer EN
WFAS Retexture na3110461 Full Version Graphics 1.143 a retexture for M&B WFAS ~I will add a more better version Both EN
With Audio and Visuals Comrade Temuzu 2 Graphics, Sound Improves audio and graphics Both EN
With Fire and Sword Enhancement Mod el_infante 1.75 Troops, Items, Interface, Mechanics 1.143+ Singleplayer EN, DE