Mount&Blade: Warband





Name Author Version Categories Game Version Description Mode Languages
108 Heroes aliang227 0.955 Total Conversion 1.172 Hello Everyone! I'm aliang227 from China. This mod is based on “Water Margin”, one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature. The mod was born in 2008, and I released it on Warband in 2018. My friends help me to translate 80% of them into English. I will try my best to make the translation perfect in the next day. Hope you enjoy it! Singleplayer EN, ZH
1257 AD DrTomas 1.13 Total Conversion 1.158+ This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. Singleplayer EN
1257 AD - Enhanced Edition KratosMKII 3.3 patch Total Conversion 1.174 A continuation of the original "1257 AD." Adds a multitude of new things to enhance and polish gameplay. Singleplayer EN
12TH -Peter- Dago's Addon 1 Total Conversion 1.170 Introduction of 12th Mod. The 12th century, one subtle turning point. The continent was in an extraordinary turmoil that no one had ever seen, in which all forces were to experience changes, no matter gains or losses. Singleplayer EN, RU, ZH
1429: The Hundred Years War - Steel Edition FantasyWarrior Edition_Arcer Total Conversion 1.158+ Singleplayer EN, FR
1468 AD Middle Europe Raudentius 1.0 Total Conversion 1.158 New historical mod from Middle- Europe in XV. Century. New factions, map, historical lords.... Singleplayer EN
16th Century Mod Century War Team 1.8.2 Total Conversion 1.174 A historical warband mod with 33 factions and hundreds of units. Which empire shall rise and which shall fall?The fate of this world is now in your hands... Singleplayer EN
1755 Old Frontier GABRILDURO 3.2 Total Conversion 1.153 French Indian war mod - Includes American Natives, GB, France, Spain, Bandits gangs such as Pirates, Indians, Renegades, ... Both EN
1776 American Revolution GABRILDURO 1.5 Total Conversion 1.153 Western mod Singleplayer EN
1812 - 1815 Napoleonic Keryyn Beta IV (v.1.1) Total Conversion 1.154 Both EN
1812 Russian Campaign kotofey 1.0 Total Conversion 1.168 Historical mod dedicated to Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. Singleplayer EN, RU
1860's Old America GABRILDURO 1.5 Total Conversion 1.158 Western mod Both EN
1866 Highlander v.5 Total Conversion 1.143+ Western mod Multiplayer EN
457AD 457AD Total Conversion 1.174 A mount and blade warband mod set in the year 457 AD in Europe, the middle east and north africa Singleplayer EN
793AD Persistent Sagas Dobas Patch 2 Total Conversion 1.158+ Persistent Sagas is a mod similar to Persistent World. The time is set at the start of the viking age. we aim to create a certain hardship, giving you nearly nothing at the start, leaving all options open for you to develop your own wealth and rank within fixed, historically correct factions. Multiplayer EN
81 New Units tobmic 1.11 Troops 1.100+ This mod adds 81 new units to the game! Singleplayer EN
A Clash of Kings Cozur 7.1 Total Conversion 1.174 A "Game of Thrones" mod Singleplayer EN
A Gothic Tale Mandy007 orc footman fix Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Welcome, this is a mod based on the Gothic series Both EN
A Horse Farewell Efe Karacar ? Troops 1.134 This mod just focused on removing horses and Khergit Infantry Force. I didn't change the names of troops so dont tell me "Vaegir Horseman isn't mounted, that's why his name looks irrevelant." Both EN
A Mod Long Forgotten Sir Integra Hellsing 1.85 Troops, Items 1.134 Singleplayer EN
A New Dawn Deathwhisper 0.62 Troops, Items, Graphics, Mechanics 1.157+ A complete overhaul of native that uses Floris Mod Pack as a baseline. Adds over 3000 new items, 500 new troops as well as an invasion system that allows 11 minor factions to create armies, take castles or towns and form a new faction. Singleplayer EN
A World of Ice and Fire produno 7.12 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.168+ A "Game of Thrones" mod Singleplayer EN
AD 1200 Galin Eldar 1.514 Total Conversion 1.158 Singleplayer EN, RU
Adimi Tools Gotha 1.5.2 Admin Utility 1.174 An admin utility which makes the administration of your server(s) much easier. Multiplayer EN
Admin Mod (Open Source) ProjectAngel ? Admin Utility 1.000+ Multiplayer Admin Tools Multiplayer EN
Adventures in the West Mad Science Development Studios 1.3d Total Conversion 1.174 Adventure in the East is a semi-historical mod for Mount and Blade: Warband, taking place in the Middle East in the year of 634. Both EN
Age of Arthur Lady_Ashwood 6.2 Total Conversion 1.174 Welcome to Age of Arthur!! Set in the time of the Dark Ages, this mod hopes to encompass the right balance of historical fact and light fantasy. Journey 150 years before the events of Brytenwalda, a time when Saxon hordes have recently arrived in England. See a world lost in Transition, moving from the time of Rome to a new world ruled by war and chaos. Singleplayer EN
Age of Blades Albertus Magnus 1.0 Total Conversion 1.173 An "Age of Empires II" based mod Multiplayer EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU, ZH, TR
Age of Change Possut 2.0 Total Conversion 1.158 Our idea is to make a mod where story and plot is integrated more in the new factions and new Calradian continent. Singleplayer EN
Age of False Innocence Shredzorz 1.7 Total Conversion 1.134 Age of False Innocence (or AoFI) is a multiplayer-only mod set in the Seven Years' War Multiplayer EN
Alpujarras Wars zidozido V3 Patch Total Conversion 1.172 This mod is set during Alpujarras war in spain the war between the formly rulers of spain the muslims known now by the moriscos and between kingdom of sapin so will you join the rebels and reclaim the lands of your ancestors or you will supress this rebellion and complete the reconquestia once and for all factions Singleplayer EN, ES
Alternative Calradia Mod GunFred Version 2 Troops 1.158 11 faction are fighting a never ending free-for-all and the only path towards peace is complete conquest of Calradia. Singleplayer EN
Ancestors: 2112 BC. An Eastern Bronze Age Mod migdeu19 pre-alpha Total Conversion 1.174 We are in the year 2112 BC, the worlds climate change resulting in famine, wars, and disease. The great kingdoms have broken, in mesopotamia, the Gutian empire collapse and the sumerian cities fight for the supremacy. Levantine coast is divided between various city-states and tribes, as the time you can trabel around Nubia, the Cyclads and Anatolia. Egypt instead has entered in the most deep crisis, starting the First Intermediate Period, when the land aristocracy fight to get the double crown of the Nile. Singleplayer EN
Angry farmers Apsod 0.9 Map Pack, Troops 1.127-1.132 Peasent style warfare for M&B Warband Multiplayer Multiplayer EN
Animation Variety Mod jacobhinds 1.0 Mechanics 1.158+ One of the weakest parts of M&B are the animations. They look so weird and robotic. So I decided to make use of amf_use_cycle_period and give a little variety to some of the running animations. Both EN
Annis Tenebrarum Rafalongo 0.96 Total Conversion 1.172 This mod takes place in the year 793 of our Lord, when emperor Charlemagne ruled over most of Europe. Fight in his wars and help him conquer all of the known world or fight beside his enemies and destroy his kingdom. Singleplayer EN, ES
Arena Overhaul mod Adorno 1.0 Map Pack 1.100+ All 22 arenas have been remade to make them look more interesting and fun/challenging to fight in. Singleplayer EN
Arena Revamp Deluxe lucky lancer 1.5 Map Pack 1.100+ Singleplayer EN
Arkan FG Games 0.15 Troops, Items 1.174 Simple mod for M&B Warband: Adds new troops, storyline,weapons and more. Come check it out! Singleplayer EN
Assassin Hunt Patta 2.01 Total Conversion, MP mode 1.153 The goal in this mod is not to kill important persons like local merchants, no. The goal is to kill the other assassins that try to steal your jobs and, even more important, the money you will earn for this job Multiplayer EN
Astrus ronyro 1.3 Total Conversion 1.173 This Native mod with a couple of new features like: - Now you can hide from a party that you encountered in the world map if in your party there is no more than 2 companions or troops, including you - You can't hire, recruit volunteers nor rescue emprisoned troops(the rescue/take_prisoner screen won't even show) - Bank System -> the banker is in Dhirim's tavern -> you can withdraw or deposit your coins and you will also have a small weekly percentage income due to the bank tax, - Brothel System -> You can have a brothel in each one of the Calradia's Town -> The tavernkeppers will be the responsable for each one of your brothels -> A quest start for each time you are starting a brothel in a new town -> A weekly income from all your brothel depending on the amount of 'girls' you have in each brothel (there is a nice custom presentation for you to see your incomes from each town, the presentation is also available from Report button in world map). Singleplayer EN
Atlas Novus Harmast 0.87 Map Pack, Partial Conversion, MP mode 1.000+ This mod is focused on extending native Warband with balanced and interesting multiplayer maps. Multiplayer EN
Aut Caesar aut nihil testviechgames 1.10.1 Hotfix Total Conversion 1.174 Mod about the Roman Empire during the rule of Emperor Nero. This mod is Roman centric. You can start as a "nobody" and climb your way up to finally become Emperor of Rome! Singleplayer EN
Auto-Firing weapons mod ithilienranger 1.0 Mechanics 1.153-1.154 Both EN
Azgad - A Story of Calradia frozenpainter 1.0 Partial Conversion 1.153+ Native based new quests, new features, new troops, new graphics/sounds. Singleplayer EN, TR
BannerPage GorillaGuerrilla 2.2 Total Conversion 1.174 Bannerpage tries to add where Native MBW is thin and aims to significantly improve areas in which game hasn't aged well. It creates more immersive experience for hardcore players, returners but also new, younger players. At the same time mod religiously protects game's core values - single player campaign balance and maintains Vanilla's scent. Bannerpage is a full conversion from Native back to Native. Overhauled graphics, distinctive/immersive factions, new animations, new well balanced items, new music, new sounds, new scenes, improved AI, neat UI, new game mechanics in areas that don't affect balance but significantly improve player's experience and many, many more. Mod gives player multiple new options in almost every situation and thus adds a lot to the game's depth. I am dedicating Bannerpage to my two sons as monument of their father's love. Greatest thanks goes to my wife for her patience, love and support during many hours spent in making this mod. Singleplayer EN
Barfight Grendal-777 1.1 MP mode 1.168+ Introducing Barfight Mod: Ever wonder what all the factions do when they aren't challenging each other on the field of battle? Wonder no more. Welcome to bloody knuckes deathmatch. Multiplayer EN
Battle of Europe _Sebastian_ 0.720 Total Conversion 1.174 A total conversion multiplayer mod set in the early 16th century Europe, with a main focus on historical accuracy and realism. It offers a persistent multiplayer experience with online character development and endless unique features. Multiplayer EN
Battle Size Changer Janus 1.5 Mechanics 1.100+ With this tool you can get around the game's battle size limit of 150 and instead choose up to 1000. Note that overly large battle sizes can very easily crash Warband if your computer isn't able to handle them, or at the least cause horrible slowdowns. Don't even expect to be able to have battles of size 1000 even if you have the latest and greatest hardware; that upper limit is that high to give plenty of leeway. If you experience crashes, you should lower the battle size. Singleplayer EN
Battle Time! Egbert 1.4 MP mode 1.153 This mod for Warband lets you play your singleplayer campaign and host a multiplayer game whenever you have a battle. After the battle, the results can be used to impact your singleplayer campaign. Both EN
Bellum Imperii gokiller 1.5.21 Total Conversion 1.158+ Bellum Imperii is an Roman modification, based around the time when Marcus Aurelius was Emperor. Including wars against the Parthians, Germans and Dacians. Singleplayer EN
Better Banners Mod MarkQuinn 2.0 Graphics New banner Singleplayer EN
Better Faction Troops 2 Sir Missesalot 1.21 Troops 1.132 Like the "Better Faction Troops" mod for the original M&B, just for Diplomacy. Both EN
Black Sky SUBS 0.8.4 Partial Conversion 1.125 Singleplayer EN
Blood and Roses Lueii 0.54 Partial Conversion 1.100+ It was the year fourteen-fifty-eight. Duke Richard of York is the most powerful man in England. He is a son of the Plantaganents, the family that has ruled England for hundreds of years. Their badge is a pure white rose. His opponent is the son of Henry V, victor of Agincourt. He is King Henry VI, the scion of the house of the Red rose, Lancaster, another Plantaganent. They sport the red rose of their blood. Soon, York and Lancaster will war and blood will stain Roses. The wars of the roses have begun. Both EN
Blood and Steel xenoargh 1.6004 Partial Conversion 1.153 Both EN
Blood Enhancement Tweak neil_v 0.5 Graphics 1.011-1.032 Singleplayer EN
Blood in the West ivanhoe95 prefinal 0.9 fix Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.168 A Mount & Blade Warband modifications, set in Middle-Earth during the Third age, around the War of the Ring. The mod is set up in "ivanhoe-style", which means lots of cool units, heroes, mercenaries etc. Join whatever faction you want, let blood be spilled without limits, and defeat your enemies with the strenght of your arms and the might of your army! Singleplayer EN, TR
Blue Blood Udud V1.2 Total Conversion 1.153 Feudal Europe mod - In the year of the Lord 1184 Singleplayer EN
BNL - Eighty Years War Jezze 0.22 Total Conversion 1.132 In the mid 1500’s Karel V was the ruler of lands what are now the Netherlands and Belgium. Karel V let his kingdom to his son, Filips II, who was now the ruler of his kingdom. Because of the small riots that were going on Holland and Vlaanderen because of the raised taxes. Filips decided to sent the Duke of Alva to the Holland to suppress the rebellion. The rebellion started because the people in the Holland and Vlaanderen and Wallonië were upset about another taxes they had to pay. Alva decided to call a meeting of the leaders of the rebellion. Most of these leaders saw that it was a trap. But the most important leaders showed up and Alva arrested them and prosecuted them. This was the sign to start a overall rebellion in the whole land. This was also the start for the 80 Years of War. Multiplayer EN
Borgerkrigen 1157 (The Danish Civil War 1157) RobinHat 2.0 Total Conversion 1.172 Set in Denmark in 1157, the kingdom is split between three kings, and beset on all sides by other greedy realms. Singleplayer EN
Brytenwalda Idibil 1.41 Total Conversion 1.157-1.158 Dark Ages in British Isles are fascinating, a dismal warlike time, in which people fight for survive. A dark age with deep blend of cultures. 6th and 7th centuries were a time when invaders (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) tried hard their destiny in a new world with the steel of their swords, shields and spears. Ancient people tried to resist, while they saw how their kingdoms are defeated and conquest by those “barbarians”, sorrowfully saw how his belowed world slowly disappeared off the face of the earth. Both EN
Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising Redleg 3.0 patch1 Compilation 1.166+ It is the year 1050 in Calradia.  The Calradian Empire has fallen and the new kingdoms are fighting to hold onto their lands.  Two new factions are gathering strength to add to the upheaval that already exists in Calradia.  Mod includes Diplomacy 4.2, PBOD .92, and Freelancer 1.51. Singleplayer EN
Calradia 1170 A.D. WillowBul Settlements Patch Total Conversion 1.172 Calradia. The year is 1170 AD - 80 years before Warband and 120 after Bannerlord action. The Empire is broken-hearted but there is small part in the north which survives. The Rhodoks Clans gains independence from Vlandia. The Khuzaits are fighting far in the East, and Aserais are moving North. Singleplayer EN
Calradia 1417 Aruda Patch 2.3 Total Conversion 1.174 A mod based on early 15th century Calradia. Singleplayer EN
Calradia 1578 Musketeer 1.0 Partial Conversion 1.127 A Mount&Blade Warband gunpowder mod made by Musketeer Singleplayer EN
Calradia Adventures: Invasion RPG SnRolls 1.2.2 Total Conversion, MP mode 1.158+ This is a invasion mod. You will fight waves of bots, which increase in strength and reward Multiplayer EN
Calradia Age of Bronze Vyverno Early access Total Conversion 1.174 This is Calradias Bronzeage. The influenc of the Tigris Empiere is dwindleing, the Sarid States to the East are rebelling, the Swadi Tribes are getting more and more argressive and to the south a new power emerges,the Citystate of Rodik. Turbulent times are ahed. Singleplayer EN
Calradia Divided Shadowclaimer 0.002a Total Conversion 1.100+ Calradia has always been a land of strife and territorial feuds. Since the days of the old Calradian Empire's fall many nations have risen up in its place to attempt to unify the land under one banner. Singleplayer EN
Calradia Imperial Age SeanBeansShako BETA 3.1 Total Conversion 1.158 Have you ever wondered what Calradia could be like if time was advanced forward from the Medieval Fantasy setting to the height of the Gun Powder era of our own world? Well, wonder no more and welcome to the Imperial Age! Singleplayer EN
Calradia In Darkness CHUR 1.2 Graphics Retexturing for Native Warband and Brytenwalda mod Both EN
Calradia Slave Rebellion CTCCoco 0.5 Total Conversion, MP mode 1.153 Deep multiplayer mod which offers persistent progress through multiple gamemodes like Invasion or WotK Multiplayer EN
Calradia violence basketball & football killyouready 0.70 MP mode 1.174 Multiplayer EN
CALRADIA X - Red Planet The Kurd 1.65 Total Conversion, Sci-Fi 1.168 It's a scifi mod...but its also a western... The Beta 1.5 currently contains... New items New armours New weapons New mounts New factions New bandits New civilians New face textures New enviroment / planet Singleplayer EN
Calradia: Fall of Tradition Caesar15 0.2 Total Conversion 1.158 Both EN
CHAMPIONS SaBo0o 0.0.5 Total Conversion 1.174 Champions is a fascinating newly created multiplayer modification for the game Mount & Blade: Warband which allows you to create unique characters tailored to your personal preferences. You can do this through the use of three detailed loadouts, in these loadouts you can determine characteristics and equipment. In order to enter the battlefield and join the other champions you must first craft your own personal champion. All you need do is register then simply visit the marketplace to purchase the countless armours and weapons we have to offer. Multiplayer EN
Chile Independence mauromagno 4.1 patch Total Conversion 1.167+ The Mod Independence of Chile, deals with the war of emancipation of the southern cone of South America of the Spanish Empire in the century XIX. They participate in this crossing, several Factions that fight for their Independence and others to maintain the territories for the Spanish Crown. The Mapuche' people are also part of this event, but they only want their land. Both EN
Chile Zombie branko156 1.1.3 patch fix Total Conversion 1.170 In the year 2017 strange things happened in Chile, apparently by an experiment of a country that they left secretly in Chile, it spread a virus that makes people go crazy, even dead that they stopped of the ground to eat other people, This Time is coming the apocalypse with the Zombies in Chile. Survival groups against this terrible reality, civilians as many Chileans as foreigners, all the military and political force organized in small groups scattered throughout Chile. Multiplayer ES
Chronicles of Might and Magic Mat Berserker 0.6 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.167 Action is set in realms known to you from Might and Magic series. We are going to provide you opportunity to become hero, join one of five factions and decide about fate of whole continent. You will take part in epic battles with creatures you know from Heroes games. Both EN
Chronicles of Talera Blodheafodban 3.1 Total Conversion 1.011 Chronicles of Talera is a Mount&Blade mod ported recently to Warband Singleplayer EN
Cinematic Compilation DOMA_ 3.0.7 Graphics, Sound 1.153 'Cinematic Compilation' is a visual & sound compilation mod as well, but it has a definite objective : cinematic. And the second goal is compatibility. Both EN
Civil strife in Middle Earth Tro0n 1.0 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Based on the Persistent World and the theme of the universe The Lord of the Rings. Multiplayer EN, RU
Claimants Rebellion Alakeram 2.5b Total Conversion 1.143 Singleplayer EN
Clan Banner Pack Wub Wub Wub Wub Bwaaah EU3.8 / NA2.4 Graphics This is the Official Native Multiplayer Clans Banner pack. Open to NA (North America) and European (+Russia, Turkey). Only Native's teams are accepted. Both EN
Coloured Lances Project CounterPoint 1.0 Graphics 1.100+ 7 New Lances painted in various colors Singleplayer EN
Combat Animation Enhancement Papa Lazarou 0.5b Mechanics This is the latest release of my on-going mod project. With this mod I hope to make combat look more natural without making large mechanical changes. I especially want to improve the transitions between different animations - from blocks to attacks, and from one attack to another. This version of the mod replaces the blocks and attacks for all melee weapons used on foot, as well as the archery animations. Criticisms and suggestions for all animations are more than welcome - the fact that an animation appears in a fancy, Jabarkis-produced trailer doesn't mean I won't change it! These animations are open for other modders to include in their projects, as long as accurate credits are given. If you want to include them in your mod, just post in this thread or send me a PM. Both EN
Companion Export & Banner Edit Knil ? Mechanics 1.111-1.113 This minimod allows you to export and import companions just like you can do for your own character and also edit your banner at any time all within the camp menu. Singleplayer EN Combat AI Oliveran 0.2.7 Mechanics 1.172 I'm a long-time competitive player, who's always really enjoyed all aspects of singleplayer - but as I increased in skill, the AI got dull very quickly, as I grew with the competitive scene's skill. As the game has reached a relatively stagnant point in terms of figuring out mechanics, break down playstyles and ways to play as a team; I figured I could use the knowledge to make an AI that can play more player-like, that can be functional in both singleplayer and mutiplayer (though ofc not at a competitive level) Both EN
Conqueror's Order: Restoration and Rebellion SickStyle 1.1 update Total Conversion 1.174 If Mehmet the Conqueror get a serious ill after conquering Trabzon, how far can historical balances change? Answer is, A Crusader Alliance that would form in the West and put the Ottoman Empire in a difficult position. Singleplayer EN
Conquest sirwho 2.3 MP mode 1.153 CONQUEST is loosely based on the 7 years war. The mod is being built around the Conquest game mode which has been slightly altered so that players no longer spawn at their teams owned flags but at their teams initial spawn point throughout the game. The mod aspires to create a fun simulation of combat during the 7 years war time period and offers a large number of customization options for each troop type to allow players to create their own unique regiments. The combat system has been created to reward skilled players and offer fun options for different interests. Multiplayer EN
cRPG/Strategus chadz Total Conversion, MP mode 1.168 cRPG is one of the most popular modifications for Mount&Blade Warband. It adds persistent multiplayer and an online campaign. Multiplayer EN
Crusade Against Jihad Hun 6.0 Total Conversion 1.172 A mod with historical content and a scenario. Singleplayer EN
Crusader - Sacra Regna ivanhoe95 v4 + patch1 + patch2 Total Conversion 1.174 Crusader - Sed Doloris, Sed Sanguis (Only Pain, Only Blood) is a Mount c Blade Warband mod set in the Middle Ages, in the area called "the Holy Land". Now, as you arrive to the Middle-East, three faiths crash for these lands: the Christian, the Muslim and the Ortodox. Singleplayer EN
Crusader Banners Anardion 1.3 Graphics I've made 20 Crusader banners that you can either use for your modules (though I want credit for the banners) or for your own personal use in Singleplayer. They are in BMP format, and can be added to your .dds files by using a program like Both EN
Cursus Honorum Seek n Destroy Alpha1 Total Conversion 1.153 Singleplayer EN
Custom Camera Patch rubik 1.0 Interface Both EN
Custom Character Creation Iron Sight v.9 Interface, Mechanics 1.172 This mod gives you control of the placement of Attribute and Skill points during character creation. You can also choose a preferred melee and range weapon type to start with. Singleplayer EN
Custom Commander rubik 1.397 Interface 1.165+ As the title suggests, this modification will allow you (the player) to pick a hero (this includes your character of course) to control in battle so that they fare better in combat. As a bonus, this means that as long as there is a NPC who is not wounded, you do not have to resort to auto-resolving fights (as anyone who has played M&B knows, auto-resolve is not exactly the best way to finish fights...). Singleplayer EN
Custom Troop Trees MitchellD 2.1 Troops 1.172 Provides a choice of customisable troop trees for the player kingdom. Choose the tree structure (trade-off between number of branches and tier limit) and type of troops (male, female, potentially other races if added to other mods) and set their names, stats and equipment. Made entirely via modmerger for easy integration into other mods (source code required). Singleplayer EN
Dawn of a new era vovgre Final Total Conversion 1.158-1.160 Singleplayer EN, RU
Dawn Of Man Zarthas 0.1b Total Conversion 1.134 The world is young, and man is not yet the master of his domain. Fledgling clans struggle for their very survival, and savage and dangerous beasts roam the untamed wilderness. As mankind begins to come together, begins to rise above the simple life of an animal, you come into the world. Will you lead your people into an age of prosperity, building up their humble wandering-camps into villages? Or will you give humanity its first taste of the horrors of war? Singleplayer EN
Deeds of Arms & Chivalry Deeds of Arms & Chivalry Team 20200205 Total Conversion 1.174 Deeds of Arms and Chivalry is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband which focuses on the Hundred Years War between France and England, specifically during the early 15th Century. Singleplayer EN
Delzaros UI Pack Delzaros 1.2 Graphics 1.158 This mod changes certain ui elements such as the standard health bars and shield indicator. Both EN
Deutschritter! Darwin Beta 2 Items 0.720 Outdated DR clan mod. No longer supported. Test. Multiplayer EN, DE
Dickplomacy laius Mechanics 1.168 Dickplomacy: the quintessential Native+ modification. Based on Diplomacy 1.168 with a number of great additions. Singleplayer EN
Diplomacy Waihti 4.3 Mechanics 1.171+ Singleplayer EN
Diplomacy & Conquest arcadiazone D &C Beta V2 Partial Conversion 1.134 Uses Diplomacy Mod, added Troops from 81 New Units New Armor, added some other weapons and armor horses, tweaked the Weapons and items, troops made them slightly harder. Singleplayer EN
Diplomacy 4.litdum litdum 0.3 Partial Conversion, Mechanics 1.168 This mod is not a simply version of Diplomacy mod, just I like this name for the mod. It is the result of my workings more than a year. Actually I had started this for progressing just Diplomacy mod at first so the mod's name has become Diplomacy 4.litdum(the recent official one is 4.3 as you know :)). But later, i loved modding this game and i ve gone so forward than progressing just Diplomacy mod. I ve created this thinking how i can enjoy most while playing the game. This mod is my imagination and comment for Warband. Singleplayer EN
Doghotel's Brainy Bots Gravskrift 31-July-15 Mechanics 1.160+ Improved melee combat AI for bots, featuring better blocking, feinting, attack holds, kick avoidance and less idle time between attacks. Both EN
Eastern Europe 905 mahmutyilmaz 6 mar, 23:13 Total Conversion 1.174 Eastern Europe 905 is a historical full renovation mode. It has a lot of innovations and features that will appeal to the player. Historical reality is good. I made the mod on my own. You can play in English. Good games. -Mahmut Yılmaz Singleplayer EN, TR
EGWarband chel 0.80 beta Partial Conversion 1.134 EGWarband is a multiplayer mod based on the Expanded Gameplay III mod for Mount&Blade. It redesigns the factions to be more unique and aims to make combat more varied and faster paced, while maintaining a good balance required for fun multiplayer. Multiplayer EN
EjAN Mod EjAN 1.1 Map Pack, Items 1.xx Has changed Admin Mod, has added possibility to dress all players as cowboys with pistols, black knights, Arabs, Asian, and other.... Multiplayer EN
El Arte de la Guerra leandrojas_ 1.750001 Partial Conversion 1.131 Singleplayer EN
ElvenPath - Forgotten Realms Lord_Bernir Closed Beta Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.153 ElvenPath is a total conversion multiplayer mod for Mount&Blade: Warband based on Forgotten Realms. It features: -Ability to play as Drow, Moon Elf, Human, Dwarf, Goblin or Orc. -A dozen of battle spells to annihilate your enemies and other spells to aid your allies on the battlefield. -A lot of new weapons and armor for each race including unique race items such as enchanted and poisoned items. -New maps based on Faerun locations, and there are even events inside the maps left to discover. -Graphical uplift, Realistic wheather effects, intense particles, better looking textures, improved shaders. -Shield bash, somersault, crouch and many more addicting fighting elements. -And a soundtrack to lift up spirits. Multiplayer EN
Empire III The Campaign Lor Dric Version 1.90 Total Conversion 1.153 - 1.168 Total Conversion 17 factions, working weather, navies, military academies, tons of new items, buy enterprises, setup trade routes Singleplayer EN
Empire IV Alfonsos Magic Fantasy Lor Dric 1.0 Total Conversion 1.153 - 1.168 WSE required 64 bit O.S. required Uses Empire III as a base, magic, Fantasy Races added 25 factions Singleplayer EN
Empire Report SirRealz 1.00 Interface 1.160 Both EN
Empires of Faith nijis 0.401 Total Conversion 1.158 This is an RPG mod with persistent characters and a complex, semi-historical strategic layer Multiplayer EN
ENL Admin Mod Captain Lust v.3.2.0 Admin Utility 1.53 Designed specifically for the ENL, this admin mod is focused on suitability for competitive play Multiplayer EN
Epic Heraldry Sir Ownzor 0.72 Items, Graphics 1.113 This aim of this mod is to make every faction unit very easily identifiable in battle. All faction soldiers will wear clothes and armor that displays the respective banners (or just their main colors) of their lords. Singleplayer EN
Epic Man Sounds Pack Revan Shan 1.0 Sound 1.134 This was originaly a sound enhancement for Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands but I made it Open Source. Any mod is free to use it. No need to ask for permission. Just give credit. Both EN
Europe 1200 Korinov 0.22 (Beta 9) Total Conversion 1.153 Europe 1200 is a historically accurate mod that, as the name says, takes place in Europe, year 1200 AD. More than 20 factions wage war against each other in order to achieve domination and power. Join them or establish your own kingdom, and become king of all Europe. Singleplayer EN
Europe in Flames 2 Jatynski BETA 1.1 Total Conversion 1.168 A XVII Century Wars Conversion Mod Singleplayer EN, ES
Europe in Flames : A XVII Century Wars Conversion Mod Jatynski 1.1 Total Conversion 1.168 A XVII Century Wars Total Conversion of MB Warband Singleplayer EN
Evlat buz 1.21 Partial Conversion 1.161+ Evlat is a native based quest expansion mod with a main story. Game starts in 1277, after 20 years from the current beginning date. Your two children will be your companion throughout the game. All of the companions in Calradia will be in different roles and they will give you new quests. Singleplayer EN, RU, TR
Exotic Arabians Pack RookieR. ? Graphics 1.100+ Singleplayer EN
Expaned Horizons Openshaw 1.1 Graphics 1.154 This small modification tries to enhance the illusion of bigger maps. Both EN
Explorer! Ruthven 1.0 Total Conversion 1.173 Experience Calradia like never before in an unprecedented 'open-world' style RPG with persistent troop names, unique factions, stunning visuals - and no overworld map. Multiplayer EN
Extreme Commander nordixzett 1.9 Alpha Total Conversion 1.158+ M&B Warband at extreme difficulty Singleplayer RU
Faction Arms Colored monnikje 1.0 Graphics On the TaleWorlds site, the arms of the six different factions are nicely coloured. But in the game they appear just in black and transparent. That kind of irritated me, so I took them from the site and replaced them ingame. Both EN
Fantasy Persistent World Havoc v2 MP mode, Fantasy 1.100+ A new fantasy version of Persistent World Multiplayer EN
Festung Breslau zoo889 ? Total Conversion 1.153 Mod on Wold War II Both EN
Feudal World Jazora 1.6 Total Conversion 1.166 Feudal World is a mod based off the Persistent World module. The aim for Feudal World is simple, to add more roleplay elements while still keeping it fun for players not into the roleplay scene. We have went over all the features of Persistent World and reworked or even put in a complete new system. We have also added in many new features which players will find a fresh new look on Persistent World as a whole. Multiplayer EN
Finland at WW2 mr.master 0.6 Total Conversion 1.131 Multiplayer EN
Fires Of War Edgar Allan Poe 1.06 Total Conversion 1.153+ A mod about the Greco-Persian Wars. It takes place in 485BC, 5 years after the battle of Marathon. Choose sides and lead your forces to victory and conquest! Singleplayer EN
Fix for Rhodoks Shik 1.0 Troops, Items 1.100+ Edits Rhodok infantry line to make them more effective in combat. However, Rhodok soldiers will become more susceptible to projectile fire. Included is an optional items file making some modifications to polearms. Singleplayer EN
Fixed Weapon Length Pejot 1.0 Items 1.111 I have fixed weapon length Both EN
Floris Mod Pack Windyplains 2.55 Troops, Items, Compilation, Graphics 1.158 A mod focused on bringing a large number of the community's open source mods together into a comprehensive improvement to the game's content, appearance and functionality based within the native setting of Calradia. Singleplayer EN
For Gold, Glory and Greatness 2 moraka 2.3 Partial Conversion 1.134 One day they came, the horde. Hundreds of thousans they where, the horde of Hanzira Khan. They swepted the land of Calradia. One kingdom falling after another, til all of the land, was under the Hanzira empire. New cultures came and settled: the Ehrani, the Maharatha, the Mamelukes ,the Gurkhani, the Uthmani and the Kostroma. Calradia was changed. Now the land called Xon. Generations later the Hanzira empire fell into diarray. From it merged in Xon six kingdoms all of them in constant war. And so it has been for 200 years. In this land your where born, breed and will die. But will you rise amoungst the ranks of men to become rich and mighty or will you fall trying for that is the goal in your life. Singleplayer EN
For Rome godarcher alpha 2.0 Total Conversion 1.172 For Rome is the roman mod for mount and blade warband, featuring roman tactics and discipline like an testudo formation. Its siege have been changed: fight all over the city and use ballistas and battering rams, there will be a big political system with treason and quests, to reach the ultimate goal: become the emperor of rome. So the only question you need to ask yourself is how far will you go for Rome? Singleplayer EN
Freelancer Taragoth 1.6 Partial Conversion 1.153 Mount & Blade:Freelancer gives the player the option to immerse themselves in combat between the Lords of Calradia serving on the front line, you are no longer the commander YOU serve your Lord as a soldier. You will gain experience in your commanders army and as you gain rank you will acquire better equipment, if you're hungry the quartermaster will feed you. You will gain respect from fellow soldiers and have the option to Rebel against the commander or Desert your post. When all the fighting gets too much for you or you need to conduct your own personal business take some personal leave. Singleplayer EN
Full Invasion Arch3r 1.05 Troops, MP mode 1.143 A co-op invasion game mode Multiplayer EN
Full Invasion 2: Osiris usnavy30 1.3 Total Conversion, MP mode, Fantasy 1.174+ Multiplayer survival Invasion game mode with many factions from different eras, with over 200 maps and invasions to experience. Amber 2.0 edition is out now. Multiplayer EN
Game of Thrones - Roleplay Module domipoppe 1.0 patch Total Conversion 1.167 This module is based on PW 4.4. and will be released on the 22th of August. It's a serverside and clientside modification and we are trying to convert the GoT universe into PW 4.4 with some changes. The module will be hosted by the developers in the EU. Multiplayer EN
Gekokujo phlpp 3.1 patch Total Conversion 1.158 Gekokujo is a total conversion mod for Mount and Blade Warband set during the Sengoku period of Japan. Singleplayer EN
Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition Aruda 3.1 Total Conversion 1.172 A mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in Sengoku era, Japan. Based on Phlipp's amazing mod "Gekokujo". Singleplayer EN
Ghengis Khan Mod Cumas 1.0 Total Conversion 1.172 Singleplayer EN
Glances Everywhere Wam Knight 1.0 MP mode 1.100+ Multiplayer EN
Global Campaign branko156 patch 1.1 Total Conversion 1.172 The Mod Global Campaign is now finished, which gives us a new experience based on the Native Campaign to play it in a similar way to a cooperative campaign thanks to the Persistent Wolrd (credits to "Vornne") base system and its qualities as Bots Bandits, climate change and cycle day / night of the great mod Kingdom of Andria (credits to "Domipoppe"). It is a giant map with 153 sectors including 66 work villages (mining, lumberjack, mill, etc.), 48 castles, 20 cities, 12 PVP zones, 6 Arenas (for tournaments), 3 bandit dens (with bandits bots), 1 respawn zone and a mini map of Calradia that resembles the one you play in the Singleplayer. Multiplayer EN
Global Map 16h Century Yifeng_konjac 1.6 Total Conversion 1.158 16th century:the Northern Hemisphere This game begin in March 23rd of 1516(based on history but not history) Campaign map based on world map(with many changes),you can see many cities,mountains,rivers and even the Great Wall. And you can travel around the world(you can reach Pacific Ocean from the port of San Anna in South America). Singleplayer EN, ZH
Golden Earth David Rudoy 0.2 Total Conversion 1.174 Mod takes us to North America, during the colonization of the northern shores by the Vikings under the command of Leif Eriksson, son of Eric the Red. The Indians (skrelingi) began to attack new Viking settlements, of which there were many more. But the Vikings did not want to surrender, the Vikings were not going to leave these lands. But who will rule these Golden Lands? It's up to you to decide ... Singleplayer EN
Graphical Pack SendMeSmile 1.01 Graphics 1.100+ Singleplayer EN
Grim Age: Ostland Campaign AndreusAs Alpha 0.1 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.167 Singleplayer EN
GRIM AGE: Revived AndreusAs ? Troops, Fantasy 1.160 Many new Chaos and Ostland units with unique equipment, as well as different skins (races) in multiplayer. Multiplayer EN
Grunwald Mod Vankod 0.4 Total Conversion 1.174 Mod, as the name of Grunwald. He takes us into the center of the conflict between the Teutonic Order, Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania at the turn of the XIV - XV centuries. Singleplayer EN
H.O.T.D. Warband xPearse ? Total Conversion 1.158 "Hightschool of the Dead" mod Both EN
Halo AS jimmy_d_jr λ MP mode, Sci-Fi 1.134 Multiplayer EN
Hardcore Realism NordArcher 1.02 Items 1.000+ All weapons' stats changed, all armor lots more expensive. Basically, the game is now realistic. Multiplayer EN
Heavy Hooves thick1988 1.0 Sound We've all been in a pitched battle before, focusing intently on our opponents feints and attacks. Only to be suddenly, ridiculously, and anticlimactically lanced in the back by a ninja horseman. BUT NO MORE! Now I introduce the Heavy Hooves tweak. This will overwrite and increase the horse gallop, canter, trot, and walk sounds with the same sounds, increased by 15 decibels. So now you can hear those pesky mounties breathing down your neck. Both EN
Heraldic Armies Lor Dric 10.00 Items, Graphics 1.153 - 1.168 Needs WSE from  Empire III, brainy bots, more towns and villages, pbod, freelancer Both EN
Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands Revan Shan BETA Total Conversion 1.158 Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands is a total conversion module for Mount and Blade Warband. The mod will take you to the most violent and interesting lands of the fantasy world created by Miguel Angel Centeno. While enhancing the warlord gameplay this game will also work on an improved solo play, with a lot of cool options. You'll visit a whole new world, and enter tons of interesting caverns and dungeons Singleplayer EN
Hispania 1200 el xabeo de la cova 1.0 Total Conversion 1.167 It's year 1200 AD, war and peace are at stake in Spain. Both Muslims and Christians coexist, often fighting, always distrsuting each other. The Almohad Caliphate controls the Southern half of the Peninsula and has recently defeated king Alfonso of Castille in the Battle of Alarcos. On the other hand, Hispanic kingdoms are splitted up and torn by continuous struggles. War is inminent…. Singleplayer EN, ES
Hold the Flag Highlander 1.02 MP mode 1.000+ 'Hold the Flag' is a game mode I remember from CoD2. This mod adds nothing but this new mode. Multiplayer EN
Honour & Glory Barabashenko 1.9.1 hotfix Total Conversion 1.174 Honour&Glory mod takes place in the 16th century, in the Eastern Europe. We tried to represent the Livonian War and the emergence of the Cossacks. Singleplayer EN
Horse Mods wanderer949 3.0 Graphics 1.143 Singleplayer EN
Hundred Years War ~ Remade Efe Karacar Open Beta Total Conversion 1.153 An de Grâce 1371, already thirty-four years of War in France... Singleplayer EN
Hundred Years War: Deeds of Arms and Chivalry Khamukkamu 20200205 Total Conversion 1.174 Deeds of Arms and Chivalry is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband which focuses on the Hundred Years War between France and England, specifically during the early 15th Century. Singleplayer EN
Hunt mod Yoshiboy 1.31 MP mode 1.131 After a series of wolf attacks in remote towns and villages, teams of huntsmen have been hired to deal with the menace. Unbeknownst to the hunters, these are no ordinary wolves... Multiplayer EN
Imperial Rome ZeroNoID 1.61 Total Conversion 1.174 The thematic basis of fashion are the events that occurred on the territory of the Roman Empire from 69 AD. Singleplayer EN, RU
Imperium Romanum Vympel 1.9.4 Total Conversion 1.158 Both EN
Improved Buildings SendMeSmile 1.05a Graphics 1.100+ New and reworked textures for buildings. Both EN
In the Name of Jerusalem HoloNesan 1.51 complete version Total Conversion 1.174 In 1187 A.D, two major religion has clashed in the Holy Land once again. Baldwin V of Jerusalem was pass in young age, and Guy de Lusignan become a new king of Jerusalem. While Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, start to launch his Jihad, aims to reconquer the Holy Land and push the crusade out once for all. Will you fight for salvation as Crusader or become the sword of Allah? Or, would you like to end the misery of the Holy Land by your own way? Singleplayer EN
IN-Warband Kea Black 0.1.2 alpha3 Partial Conversion 1.153 IN-Warband is a mod that adds some new functionalities and change some of the pre-existent ones It doesn't have a different settings, and doesn't change factions nor it add new ones Singleplayer EN
Indonesia Invasion 13exa 1.0 Partial Conversion 1.134 Singleplayer EN
Innocuous Native Innocuous 1.0 1.172 Tired of playing this game? Can't wait for Bannerlord? I made this mod for you, just to make you happy until it is released! The goal of this mod is to make the game more fun to play by making it both less grindy and more difficult. Singleplayer EN
InNoVative IceNoVa 1.32 Partial Conversion, Compilation 1.134 Singleplayer EN
Invasion of Avalon Xaphan ? MP mode 1.158+ Co-op Invasion mod - No donwload required Multiplayer EN
Ironside Funkmachine version1 +patch Total Conversion 1.158+ A single player full conversion, touch of fantasy, modification set in the world called "Ironside". Singleplayer EN
ISKLMOD syabr 1.7.3 Total Conversion 1.174 This modification was made by author of ISKLROM and he's the one who asked me to create this topic. The mod expands kingdom management options for the player if he is ruler or vassal. There are ability to create custom troops, weddings with the kings and queen, ability to kill lords, civil wars and and much more. The mod is hardcore. Write here about bugs! This mod includes English translation, I will be happy if this mod will be translated to other languages. You can put this mod on your web pages, citing a source, homepage - Singleplayer EN, UK
KAOS Political War lazeras 1.0 Total Conversion 1.158+ An overhaul of single player warband to enhance and extend the game play. Designed for personal enjoyment it includes a range of OSP kits that think increase the game without changing it to much. Singleplayer EN
Kengeki Gaiden musyna 1.82 Partial Conversion 1.134 Both EN
Khergit Hordes TheSwan44 4.0 Partial Conversion 1.174 Welcome to Khergit Hordes, a modification to Native Expansion mod, experience the Khergit Khanate in a different way, changing all factions into a Khergit like factions, making 6 Hordes. Singleplayer EN
Kingdom of Andria domipoppe 1.1 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.172 Kingdom of Andria is a Viking themed multiplayer roleplaying module based on Persistent World, featuring an expanded Calradian lore. The module will play on nordic continents where the original Calradian factions and The Old Norths are settled. The Old Norths, the ancestors of the Northerners of Calradia, wish to reclaim their ancestral land for their own people, as is their right. The Calradian factions, immigrants from Calradia, have the manpower to claim a stake of the land as well. There are many features such as a complete Day/Night cycle, a weather system with sounds, a seasonal snow system, custom nature sounds, a NPC system with automated merchants and travelers, NPC bandits, a few more instruments to play, a lot of new props and items, a few new animals and resources, new food and many more additions. All this together will provide the Warband community with one last big and epic journey before Bannerlord arrives. Multiplayer EN
Klabautermann - Naval Warfare Phaiak 1.0 Mechanics 1.143 Klabautermann makes sea-battles possible.In this Mod you can only have sea-battles in custom battle mode. But aslo this is fun. Singleplayer EN
Knights the Last Battle Ulrich von Liechtenstein 2.3 Total Conversion 1.143 1460 AD. Seven years have passed from the end of the Great War, which will be called the Hundred Years War lately… Singleplayer EN
Kortlcha's Expansion to Native mod Kortlcha v9.5 patch Partial Conversion, Compilation 1.174 What changes this mod? This mod increases of variations of game's features. Adds some variety of features. Singleplayer EN
L'AIGLE: Napoleonic Warfare Docm30 1.41 hotfix Total Conversion 1.165 The year is Eighteen-Hundred Nine and the Corsican-born Napoleon Bonaparte sits on the throne of the French Empire. Napoleon's reign as ruler of France has been a period of almost perpetual war with some nation or another, and indeed France now finds itself engulfed by bitter fighting in the Iberian Peninsula. Recognising an opportunity to reclaim land and the status it lost in previous wars, Austria, though it has sent no official declaration of war, launched armies at France's allies in Bavaria, Italy and Poland. With Napoleon in Paris, command of the French forces in Bavaria has fallen on the shoulders on Marshal Berthier, Napoleon's Chief of Staff. Meanwhile, an alliance of Spain, Portugal and Britain tries desperately to check the French advance into Portugal and southern Spain. Singleplayer EN
Land of Bleeding Ice Havoc 0.2 Troops 1.100+ Christmas fighting mod Singleplayer EN
Legacy of the Dragon Maglubiyet 1.131 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Legacy of the Dragon is an upcoming high fantasy mod for Mount&Blade: Warband which entirely revamps the map and the lore of the base game. Singleplayer EN
Legend of the Red Axe Grendal-777 1.1 MP mode 1.132 This mod is CAPTURE THE FLAG or TEAM DEATHMATCH designed with team oriented goals and benefits. There are no troop type limitations. If you want to melee fight then grab a weapon, if you want to be an archer then grab a bow, if you want to be a horseman.. you get the point. Multiplayer EN
Light & Darkness: Halloween Specials oolonglgx 2.719 Total Conversion 1.153 Hundred years of wars have made the whole continent suffer, and nullified the hopes of people for an era of peace. The prophecy goes as “When the evil is awaken, a young folk will be born to decide the fate of Calradia”. Both EN
Light & Darkness: Heroes of Calradia oolonglgx 1.040 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.153 Hundred years of wars suffered the whole continent and exhausted hopes in people\'s hearts. When the sleeping evil was waked up, a real hero for a new century will be born to save Calradia. No one noticed you in the tavern of Zendar town - a mercenary was waken up from a nightmare, wearing coarse clothes and an iron sword. The road is hidden Singleplayer EN, ZH
Lions of Calradia Lueii 0.2 Total Conversion 1.100+ Tis the year of our lord 1242, After the death of the High King of Swadia, his young heiress, Isolla of Suno, was to become Queen of Swadia. But when the nobles convened to select the next ruler, they selected another. His name was Harleus, Lord of Praven. Isolla quickly gathered her forces, holding Suno. The other Lords of Swadia quickly formed their in-factions. Harleus is now on very pecarious throne. Only blood and sword will keep him upon it... Singleplayer EN
Lords of Calradia elcapo29 0.8 Total Conversion 1.174 Singleplayer EN
Lors MP Madness Lor Dric 4.00 Map Pack, Troops, Fantasy 1.168 more factions more maps up to 200 players Multiplayer EN
LotR Maps - Amon Hên pitrs 1.131 Map Pack, Fantasy 1.134 A LOTR Maps Scenes Multiplayer EN
LWBR WarForge Ikaguia 1.133 Admin Utility 1.158 Admin tools mod made kind of based on Nirecotive, includes things such as Custom weather, New items, New maps, Printing admin changes on the log and to all players and much more. Multiplayer EN
M&B Napoleonic Wars Single Player Yitue Patch 3 Total Conversion 1.158+ A single player mod in Progress and nearly finished with REALISTIC models and TACTICS, including the following factions: British, French, Prussians, Austrians, Russia and Spanish rebels. this mod also includes custom forts/castles/villages with names of real locations within that country and loads more. Singleplayer EN
Madmin Tools MadocComadrin 0.6 beta Admin Utility 1.143 Sophisticated Tools for Responsible Admins Multiplayer EN
Magus Mod Oddball_E8 1.7 Troops 1.100+ A complete makeover of the native troop trees for Mount & Blade: Warband adding alot of new units based on medieval european and middle-eastern cultures Singleplayer EN
Malik Faris's Companions and Native Enhancement Malik Faris 1.0 WIP Troops, Items, Compilation 1.166 Adds 80 new companions, hundreds of new locations to fight over, a player faction troop tree, ability to purchase troops from taverns, ability to export and import companions, ability to recruit player faction troops from villages you control. Singleplayer EN
March of Rome 2.5 Map Pack, Troops 1.172 March of Rome is a multiplayer modification for 'Mount and Blade: Warband' set in the Imperial Roman Era under Emperor Trajan. The mod itself is set between the years 14AD-117AD, and the initial version will encompass the conflict between the Roman Empire and numerous Britannic Tribes. Later versions however, will expand the frontier to the far corners of the Empire. Multiplayer EN
Matriarchy Thordalf 1.0 Troops 1.158 I made a small mod for Warband v1.158 for myself to allow an all-female kingdom. It lets you recruit women in the towns and introduces a new troop tree for them. Singleplayer EN
MB: Warlord AnOldRetiredElephant 3.0.3 Troops, MP mode 1.174 a simple mod that brings the Bannerlord factions to Warband multiplayer Multiplayer EN
Medieval Calradia XxROSSxX 0.0.1 Troops 1.173 Tired of fighting with the same old factions? Try fighting with real ones. Singleplayer EN
Medieval Conquest troycall 4.5 Full Build Total Conversion 1.168+ Medieval Conquests attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent. Both EN
Medieval Europe Elfy 0.4 Total Conversion 1.100+ Singleplayer EN
Medieval Realms domipoppe 1.1 patch Total Conversion 1.167+ This is a Role-playing module based on Persistent World Multiplayer EN
Medievals Fields Mod AlphA-FR 1.1 Map Pack 1.158 MFI " Medievals fields " is actually in progress, it includes new features like refill ammo or restore health, allowing you to decide how you want to play. MFI also based on new handmade work battlefields, by differents OSP works and customized environnements. So, I just wanted recreate a middle age atmosphere, more complex and more pleasant for players. Multiplayer EN
Mercantilism Mod keinPlan86m 0.72 patch fix Mechanics 1.153 The goal of this mod is to give the players the possibility to build up a trade empire, with buildable manufactures in the city's, buyable land in the villages, your own caravans and so on. Cause you need consumers, a population system has been implemented, with 3 classes of people (Worker, Merchant and Rich), with different demands. Every city and village produces it's own goods, based on location and culture. Singleplayer EN
Mercenaries HomerJay 1.044 Total Conversion 1.153 Mercenaries is a multiplayer modification for Mount & Blade: Warband. It allows you to create your own unique character with its own persistent characteristics and inventory Multiplayer EN
Mercenaries And Bandits Addon TacticalSquirrel ? Map Pack, Troops Two completely new factions known as Mercenaries and Bandits. Everything is Native Style, the only thing new is the 2 factions so it plays like Native without any hitches. It would be cool to see a server host this since I can't host one myself. I've added bots for both factions. Changed the banners and such. There are also a lot of new maps provided by the Open Fields pack. Multiplayer EN
Middle Earth at War Easterling Beta Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Middle Earth at War is a LOTR singleplayer sandbox Mod for Warband. It is mostly a visual overhaul of Native and includes entire middle earth with the main factions. Singleplayer EN
Middle World Tro0n 1.1 Total Conversion, MP mode, Fantasy 1.173 This mod specializes in RP component (features below). The main actions, battles, sieges that can occur during the game on the server are described in Tolkien's remarkable trilogy. For the basis of the map, the time interval from this trilogy is also taken. Perhaps the most important feature and distinctive feature of other pw-like mods is the ability to play not only for a person, but also for an orc, dwarf, uruk or elf. And for each of the races there is a separate faction and unique items of equipment. Multiplayer EN
Midgard KingSlavomirTheGreat 0.1 Total Conversion 1.172 Welcome to Midgard. A land full of adventure, mystery, challenges, and power. This mod is based of books written by (*find ot later*) and is aimed to transfer the world of Midgard into Warband. One of the biggest challenges in this mod is to defeat The Forces of Darkness which will be invading Midgard sooner or later, and Tmayar their leader. The Forces of Darkness are a really storng force but a good force exists as well, The Ancient Master of Goradar also known as the creators of Midgard. Who will win good or evil? You Decide Singleplayer EN
More Arrows, Bolts, Thrown Yitue 1.0 Items 1.100+ I made an Itemkinds.txt file that increases the amount of arrows, bolts and thrown weapons you can carry into a battle. Singleplayer EN
More Metal Sound Mod Checkmaty 2.2 Sound 1.105+ Audio has been improved but that isn't saying much, so here is my sound mod which does exactly what the name says; give the audio more "metal". Both EN
Mount&Gladius Jarvisimo V.1.2 Total Conversion 1.167+ Mount & Gladius is a Mount & Blade: Warband mod that encompasses the time period of history in the ancient world during the prime of the Roman Empire. The year is 117 AD, during the greatest extent of the Roman Empire. In Mount & Gladius, the mod presents two factions which are "The Roman Empire" and "The Barbarian Tribes". Whether you choose to battle through the professional ranks of the Roman Empire, or venture with barbarian tribes of the north, it is up to you to decide who you will join to craft your ancient destiny. Multiplayer EN
Mount&Musket: Battalion Bite Me 0.4.2 Total Conversion 1.132 Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815). It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery. Multiplayer EN
Multiplayer Bonus Yomgui 1.1 Map Pack, Troops, Compilation 1.130+ The purpose of this mod is to extent radically the multiplayer content of the game to make it a better experience. It has not any historical purpose and, adding some factions to the game, my idea was only to create Warbandish ones. I.e. historically inspired factions but not realistic ones. Multiplayer EN
Mundukor xZEUS99x Alpha V0.4 Map Pack, Troops 1.153-1.158 While Mundukor itself is not a mod, it is a world and in this world a series of mods shall take place. Each mod in this series will take place in different locations in the world Singleplayer EN
Napoleon : Conquest Europe randomcode 2.2 patch Total Conversion 1.158+ In 1805 Europe, Napoleon's power is rising, the UK, Austria and Prussia create the anti-French alliance, Russia finally joined the alliance, now, officially formed two military blocs in Europe, a international war is unavoidable, you, as a newly graduated students from the college, Will you help the anti-French alliance to maintain the balance of power in Europe or become a solider to die for his Majesty the Emperor of the France, or defead all the countries in Europe and build your own dynasty?Or became a banker to make much more money to control the contries in Europe like Rothchild?Or became a great politician to do political struggle and defead your enemy to get big profit? Singleplayer EN, ZH
Narnia: The Golden Age Leikeze v0.1 Beta Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.172 Narnia The Golden Age is a Mount and Blade Warband mod based off C. S. Lewis "Chronicles of Narnia" series, specifically "The Horse and his Boy". Singleplayer EN
Naruto Era of Shinobi MitsukiAkiyama 0.2 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.173 Before You Play, you must acknowledge that this mod is a remake of Sundiata's "naruto mod" as a base, it's been ages since the naruto mod was updated, so I decided to finally make my "own" version Singleplayer EN
Naruto Mod Sonne 2.202 Total Conversion 1.153+ Ninja - Fighting mod in the naruto universe, with jutsus and flying. Singleplayer EN
Native Compatible Admin Tools Vincenzo 1.0 Admin Utility 1.000+ Multiplayer EN
Native Enhanced SeRgYu 0.6a Partial Conversion 1.127 Singleplayer EN
Native Enhanced Edition KratosMKII 1.4 Compilation 1.174 Enhanced Edition is a vanilla based mod which aims to implement as much gameplay related features as possible without bloat. Singleplayer EN
Native Epic Remix Bb 1.3 Partial Conversion 1.100+ Singleplayer EN
Native Expansion for Warband Lav v0.625b Total Conversion 1.160 Native Expansion was built by people who love the original game and it's sandbox style. We do not try to make it into something it is not, to radically change the game mechanics or gameplay experience. But everything we had in the original game, we're improving upon, extending gameplay and expanding player's capabilities in the world of Calradia of 1257. We fully intend to squeeze every potential ounce of fun from Native Warband and deliver it to our players. It's as simple as that. We're Native, but better. We're Warband, but better. We stand on the shoulders of giants and reach just a little bit higher. Native Expansion: More better stuff. Singleplayer EN
Native Mod Compilation Bismarck beta2 Compilation 1.153 The Native Mod Compilation is, as the name suggests, a pack consisting of several popular mods, but without the addition of new items. It's aim is to increase the fun of Native while offering a good base for modders. Singleplayer EN
Native New Design TheSwan44 V3 1 Map Pack, Troops, Items 1.174 Native New Design is improved warband with few extra features and some changes that take place in the old Calradia map(with the Sarranids) Singleplayer EN
Native Redux SaskyGames v2.0 Bug Fix Patch2 Troops, Items, Graphics 1.174 Native Redux is a mod pack put together by me to enhance the graphics,gameplay and overall feeling of the native module without changing the core gameplay,map,factions etc. I added over 100 new items consisting of : -New Armors -New Weapons -New Horses -New Shields All of those can be found in shops,and have been added to some of the NPCs,like bandits. Every armor/weapon has been balanced by me to fit the vanilla style of every troop that uses it: that is bandits won't be able to have good armor and weapons that would give you problems in the early game. Also every bit of textures and sounds has been changed,including: -New Face Models -New Overall Environment Textures -New Hair Textures -New Map Textures -New Vanilla Weapons,Shield And Armor Textures I will try to support the mod for as long as it is needed,meaning that any fixes and balance issues should be resolved by me in a short time. Singleplayer EN
Necromancer! Efe Karacar Version II Total Conversion 1.174 Welcome to Necromancer project! It is the first project of one of the upcoming "Roleplaying" series Dreamy Folk is working on. In this mod, you assume the role of a badass Necromancer who must dominate the calradia 90 days! Ready for the challenge? Check all the cool things you can do; Corrupt lands! - Create a corruption in any part of the world, non-lord parties who go through it will turn into undead Decapitation Create illusions of yourself and let them fight for you! Teleport! AOE damage! Control a horde of minions! Control lords! - Leave a sphere of corruption on world map, if a lord passes through it - he will be caught and will be joined your faction from that day forward... Summon undeads - Summon undeads that will fight for you - Slow down enemies around you, cooldown 15 sec - Teleport ahead, cooldown 30 sec Buy souls! - Every enemy that fall in battle will be able to be bought in well of souls in keep Manage your own keep, Dark Tower - Throne scene. - Buy souls. Singleplayer EN
NeoGK: The siege enhancement mod Dwarf_Strategist 2.21 Admin Utility, Map Pack, Items 1.157 - 1.158 Multiplayer EN
New Elgante Crossbow Joe 0.85 Total Conversion, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1.143 This is a singelplayer and multiplayer modification for Mount and Blade:Warband. It covers a central theme of colonists versus tribes, with tribes taking inspiration from anything from aztecs, neolithic tribes and comanches/apaches. It is based in a fictitious land on an Island called New Elgante which is occupied by seven factions. The mod aims to convert the native world to this new setting. Both EN
Nirecotive tmos 3.2.4 Interface 1.153-1.158 Nirecotive is a Native compatible mod, which modifies various scripts in Warband Multiplayer EN
Nord Invasion Jez433 1.11.8 Total Conversion, MP mode 1.173+ NordInvasion is a mod for the popular TaleWorlds game, Mount & Blade: Warband and it sees you take up arms with players from around the world in a bid to fight off waves after wave of the Nord armies as they seek to destroy Swadia. Multiplayer EN
Nordların Yükselişi frozenpainter 1.2 bugfix Total Conversion 1.158+ Singleplayer TR
Nova Aetas (A New Era) Quintillius 5.0 Total Conversion 1.160 Nova Aetas is set in the world of Calradia, but in a later period. The Old Medieval World is vanishing. A New Era is coming and you, the player, will experience this. Nova Aetas is Latin for A New Era. The main targets are realism & extended gameplay. I also want to highlight the civil part of the game. Building & managing will become vital features. Singleplayer EN
Nox RPG BerTolkien 1.1a Total Conversion 1.158-1.170 Presentation: Everything was going well, but all is an eternal beginning. Calradia outraged! Calradia shattered! Calradia martyred! But Calradia liberated! Everything was ready for the unification ceremony, a nice royal crown, Prince Noxor in his ceremonial outfit, and a crowd cheering for the magnificence of the future king that put end to the war. It was not counting on the fatality of destiny, incredible bad luck, a metaphysical and evil cataclysm overthrew all. The mess is back. This chaos did emerge an unusual context, six new singular factions occupy the land, with a return to the troubles and war on the lands of NOX. You are here, in the midst of this mess, play your role! Singleplayer EN, FR
Nysne - Get Ready to Die Ruthven 1.2 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.168 Nysne is a low-fantasy mod for Warband. It takes place in Calradia, a generation or two after the Native game. Though much is the same in Calradia, things are beginning to change - drastically. It is a pivotal time in the land's history that could easily be shaped by a single leader... Singleplayer EN
Oceania: Land Of Time Aleczacool 0.5b Map Pack, Partial Conversion 1.113 Oceania: Land of Time is constant work in progress by me, Aleczacool, and I will listen to all of your suggestions. I am making this to improve my knowledge of the module system, and python. I really hope you enjoy this, and please, comment! Multiplayer EN
OPEN_FIELDS Guttorm 1.03 Map Pack, MP mode 1.125 This is a small map pack in the form of a mod. You don't need to tamper with any files, simply unpack it into your Modules folder, start warband with the OPEN_FIELDS mod, go to multiplayer and search for the server called OPEN_FIELDS. The server will be running these maps for you to try out. Bear in mind that the server is based in EU, so overseas players may experience high pings. Once downloaded you are free to set up you'r own server as long as you do not change any part of the mod itself. Multiplayer EN
OSP Warband Item Variants thick1988 1.6 Items, Graphics 1.100+ 500+ new items! All staying true to Native M&B. The point of this mod is to create diversity, but also to conform with native item styles and textures, so that you don't have a mess of all differently looking items. Both EN
Ottoman 1453 Artizan alpha Total Conversion 1.134 This mod will take you 558 years back to the time of the great siege. Choose your side as either a pawn of the Grand Turco, or as a last defender of the once almighty Eastern Roman Empire and decide the fate of the Byzantine Capital. Both EN
Ottoman Scenario enderoguz V2 Total Conversion 1.158+ 'Ottoman Scenario V2' is a modification for 'Mount&Blade; Warband'. We have added to the Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Serbia, Hungarian State, Moldavia, Kingdom of Lithuania, Empire of Trebizond, Despotate of the Morea, Kingdom of Cyprus, Karamanid dynasty, Ramadanid dynasty, the appropriate cultural, military and the rank system contains. Singleplayer EN
PAINTBALL MOD Gladkhelek 1.0 Total Conversion 1.166+ Its a load of fun with friends and you will find it surprisingly similar to paintball! Multiplayer EN
PARADIGM WORLDS: Fantasy/Post-Apocaliptic Sci-Fi mod MadGuarang 1.99 Total Conversion, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1.174 World with mix of many different nations. Imagine Star Wars fighting with Sauron, Steampunk conspiring againt XV century Europe, Aliens fighting Djiniis, Orc fighting Morloks, Uruks fighting agains Alien Pirates! Swords, Axes, Lightsabers, Flintlock, Laser Cannons, Plasma Blasters, Arqebusiers, Blunderbuses, Antique Shields and Energy Fields, Crossbows, Magic Staves and Bows, Arrows, whatever you can imagine - now in one, huge mod with exceptional mechanics. What is it? This is Paradigm Worlds mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. Singleplayer EN
Party Size modded Finassar ? Mechanics Singleplayer EN
Perisno Michadr Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.167+ A complete, low-fantasy overhaul that adds thousands of items, hundreds of units, and many other new features. Singleplayer EN
Persistent Age Maestrro 445 Total Conversion 1.158 This mod is based on the Persistent World module system. Persistent Age is similar to normal PersistentWorld, but it has much more features to do. Multiplayer EN
Persistent Evolution Grenader test version Total Conversion 1.168 Persistent Evolution Multiplayer mod, based on the Persistent Age module system. Persistent Evolution is similar to normal PersistentAge, but it has much more features to do Multiplayer EN
Persistent Frontier Austro 1.0 Total Conversion 1.158 Persistent Frontier is a similar mod to Persistent World; however Persistent Frontier takes place in the 1700's in a frontier land in which you make the history for your faction Multiplayer EN
Persistent Kingdoms William_4 1.2 patch Total Conversion 1.158+ Persistent Kingdoms is a mod based on Persistent World. It was never our intention to completely change the original version, but simply improve it and give the mod a fresh spark to reignite the interest of the multiplayer M&B Warband community. Most if not all of the PK features were developed based on communities requests and wishes. Multiplayer EN
Persistent Lords of the Rings LotR mods dev team company 2.0 MP mode, Fantasy 1.174 A M&B Warband MP modification, focused on J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit universe. Open world, NPCs, enemy bots... Multiplayer EN
Persistent Troop Identities MitchellD 0.1 ALPHA Interface 1.167+ This is a mod in which every single troop in the player's army has a persistent identity. They have a name, face, equipment load-out and origin information that are generated on recruitment and will persist over time. They also have stats that are updated with each battle. Singleplayer EN
Persistent World Vornne 4.5.1 MP mode 1.158+ A comprehensive redesign of the Warband multiplayer mechanics to support longer continuous games, more teams, and warfare influenced by more economic and diplomatic factors, both cooperative and competitive. Multiplayer EN
Phantasy Calradia guspav v158 A2 patch Partial Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a bit more of fantasy in Calradia? What if elves, drows, mages, orcs and dwarves lived in Calradia's most remote locations? What if wild undead roamed the lands hungering for the flesh of the living? What if beyond the farthest dunes of the Sarranids an ancient city held an equaly ancient evil? And what if from the frozen wastes a mysterious order of monastic knights came to put an end to all evil under the iron fist of their righteous god? All that is part of this mod. What the fate of Calradia will be, is up to you! Singleplayer EN
Philippine Revolution Mod aronccs 1.0 Total Conversion 1.143 The Philippine Revolution (1896–1898), called the "Tagalog War" by the Spanish, was an armed military conflict between the people of the Philippines and the Spanish colonial authorities which resulted in the secession of the Philippine Islands from the Spanish Empire. Singleplayer EN
Polish - Soviet War CatNet Patch 1 - BRF Errors Total Conversion 1.172 Play through the brutal Polish - Soviet War in this mod! With each faction replaced, you can play as Poland, the USSR, White Russia, the Green Army & the Allied Expeditionary Forces! This new, mostly historical feel is completed with new armor types, weapons, helmets, flags, and even 2 new maps! Play with friends in multiplayer or with bots in custom battles! Multiplayer EN
Polished Landscapes gutekfiutek 1.0 Graphics 1.125-1.126 This will make forests less dense - less trees will be generated on maps (should improve performance) Singleplayer EN
Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment Caba`drin 0.96.3 Interface 1.143 A pre-battle feature & tactics mod Singleplayer EN
Progressive Native Mod Random Peasant 1.4.5 Partial Conversion 1.158-1.161 ProMod is an experimental multiplayer modification for Warband borne out of my desire for a polished and balanced competitive multiplayer experience. Multiplayer EN
ProMode Wipeout 28.4.10 Items ? ProMode is a very simple mod that makes all shields, horses, and ranged weapons extremely heavy, slow, weak, and expensive. In other words, useless. Multiplayer EN
Prophesy of Pendor saxondragon 3.9.5 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.172+ A total conversion mod that places you into the world of Pendor. Tons of new items, mounts, special spawns, factions, and even your own order! Singleplayer EN
Puzzle games 7 in 1 rubik ? Mechanics 1.100+ Puzzle games 7 in 1, I use MB Module System to implement them. Singleplayer EN
Race Wars - Bloodshed IT_Fox Beta 1.0 Map Pack, Troops, Mechanics 1.153 Both EN
Rallix' Troop Tree Rallix 1.2 Troops 1.143 I like making new troops for Native Singleplayer, and here's a couple of them. My most current work is a simplification troop tree, that also required modification of party_templates. There are less tiers in all factions, increasing the quality of each unit, and making them fulfill more unique roles. Singleplayer EN
Realistic Colors Lucke189 1.22 Graphics 1.100+ While waiting for some expert to create an excellent graphical mod for Warband I decided to take matters in my own hands and do some work on the Native textures. Both EN
Realistic Mod chazzerberg 3.0 patch 1 Compilation 1.158+ This mod aims to be realistic as possible. Another aim is that it wont be filled with loads of confusing features which makes you not want to play it after the first time. This mod has the right bits of everything too make it realistic and simple to play as possible! Singleplayer EN
Reign of Caucasus Gariaty BETA Total Conversion 1.174 A historically accurate mod that takes place in the 7th century on the Caucasus, when the Khazars invaded the land and began establishing their reign among all the other local kingdoms, already existing and constantly fighting among themselves. Singleplayer EN
Renaissance zedpaolo 2.1 Total Conversion 1.174 Hello guest register or sign in HOME XONE PS4 Switch VR iOS Android » games mods addons files videos articles engines developers groups forums jobs Renaissance Mount & Blade: Warband mod | Released Dec 20, 2017 summary articles reviews files videos images A Mod about the Italian Renaissance period. It takes place at the end of AD 1503, after the death of pope Borgia Alexander VI. His son Cesare Borgia and pope Giulio II are strong enemies, the italian land is divided into several minor states and its wealth is attracting powerful foreign nations like France, Spain and the HRE. Finally a mod for all the people who love that period of history, and it is as accurate and polished as possible. Using Hispania 1200 as strong base, it lets you choose if starting as ruler of one of the 15 factions or to forge your destiny by your hands. Add file RSS Files Reset Posted Updated | Name | Category | Popular Today | Popular All Time | Relevance Padova Fix Padova Fix Jan 9 2018 Patch Just paste it in your module folder It Fixes the village of Padova. Paste it after the Bug-Fix (savegame compatible just with the Bug-Fix) Bug-Fix Renaissance 1.1 Bug-Fix Renaissance 1.1 Jan 9 2018 Patch 1 comment Bug-Fix for Patch 1.1 NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE (unfortunately it changes too much to properly work on previous saves) Fixed ai garrison bug (now ai garrisons... Renaissance patch 1 1 Renaissance patch 1 1 Dec 24 2017 Patch 9 comments New Patch Upgrading Renaissance to 1.1 Paste it on your Module folder, overwrite files and merge folders. NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE. This patch fixes campaign... Hungarian Swordman patch Hungarian Swordman patch Dec 21 2017 Patch this patch is save game compatible and it just add a sword to Hungarian Swordman. Past the troop file in Renaissance folder (overwriting) RENAISSANCE RENAISSANCE Dec 20 2017 Full Version 4 comments It has been tested on Warband 1.70 but it should also work on other versions. Follow Report Profile Icon Mount & Blade: Warband Game Mount & Blade: Warband Creator zedpaolo Contact Send Message Release date Released Dec 20, 2017 Mod watch Follow File Statistics Files 5 Size 1.72gb Downloads 8,264 Downloads Today 23 New Add file Feed RSS File Categories Releases - Full Version 1 - Patch 4 Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Blog | About | Advertise | Contact | Submit Mod | Join Mod DB | Site Map | RSS RSS © 2002 - 2018 DBolical Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2541 modders. Singleplayer EN
Respec Mod & Proper NPC Imp/Exp Mod RamonNZ 1.04/1.02 Partial Conversion 1.158 This is an in-game respec mod for yourself and companions, for v1.158 warband. For those who don't know - respec is short for re-specialization. It allows you to reallocate the stats/skills/proficiencies of your character or and NPC. You access it from the Camp menu/Take an action. Singleplayer EN
Retro Faction Recolor Shadowclaimer 1.0 Graphics 1.100+ This mod is simply a recoloring of the factions back to the old native way. Singleplayer EN
Reworked Armors Kovas 1.6 Graphics 1.125 Both EN
Rigale gsanders 12.5 Partial Conversion, Fantasy 1.168 Also home to Phosphor.  Includes source.  Rigale adds crafting, gathering, economy, fatigue, player Bards, civilization knowledge, trade guilds. Singleplayer EN
Rise and Fall: Victorian Era 1860 Karvoos_Mirza Beta 0.5 Total Conversion 1.172 Rise and Fall : Victorian Era 1860 is a Project which takes place in late Victorian Era at the Europe , Middle East and North Africa. Check the Description for more information Please . Singleplayer EN
Rise of Islam 634 A.D. Kawoos_Mirza Final version Total Conversion 1.174 Rise of Islam 634 a.d is a new modification that takes place in the middle east and eastern Europe during early medieval age. This mod is based on sands of faith . Singleplayer EN
Rise of the Archers Epic PCz v0.45 Items 1.174 This is a small mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. It adds a lot of new weapons and armor(a.k.a fire arrows, ice arrows, archer plate armor, fire bow etc.) I have also made the prices for these things a lot cheaper. Hope you guys like it! Singleplayer EN
Rise of the Nightland Knights Doubtbark Alpha 5 patch Total Conversion 1.174 This is a mod for vanilla Mount and Blade Warband. This mod adds some new factions, units, gear, and characters, especially including the Nightland Knights. This is based off of my novela that I have been working on since my freshman year of high school. Singleplayer EN
Rise Of The Undead thewanderingknight 0.3 alpha Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.53+ Medieval dark fantasy mod for Mount & Blade Warband. While the five human kingdoms battle among themselves, a new power rises in the north... Play as one of the Dark Lords or lead yourself the entire legion of undead and magical creatures against the unaware humans. Singleplayer EN, TR
Rising Sun: Bakumatsu Helm8000 1.2 troop tree fix/patch Total Conversion 1.172 Rising Sun is a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband based on the Gekokujo mod set during the late Bakumatsu and Boshin War periods of Japan (1866 - 1869). Fight to restore the Imperial Court or retain the Tokugawa Shogunate. Singleplayer EN
Roan Khergits Efe Karacar Beta v1 Total Conversion 1.174 Roan Khergits is an experimental project that focuses on horse archery and again...massacring Calradia. But here is the twist - you have entire horde of Roan Khergits that you are supposed to ride with. Khergit Khanate has fallen and retreated to their only town left standing, Sanjar is about to lose everything...until blows sounded in East - welcoming distant relatives and ancestors of khanate. Roan Khergits arrived to Calradia with thousands of devastating horse archers, ready to fight for their Khergit brothers. Save Khergits, avenge them by massacring Calradia. Follow the horde as they start conquering calradia! Singleplayer EN
Roma Nova VikingPro 2.0 Total Conversion 1.174 Calradia was invaded by a totally unknown opponent, apparently, according to scholars, an empire known as Rome, split into the Italian peninsula, and was founded the Roma Nova, an empire dominated by the sons of rich senators, and high-ranking officials. Will you want to join a professional army of legionnaires? Or become a well-known supreme commander? It's all up to you Singleplayer EN
Roma Oritur Skaggs 1.0 / Beta v2 MP mode 1.166 This module is set in roman times, using Vornne's PW Module Code. It includes many roman era troops, horses, swords, music and much more. Multiplayer EN
Romae Bellum Dion/Folcwar 3.0 Total Conversion 1.158 A Mod set in the in 218 B.C This is the era before the mighty Carthaginians fell, before Greece was conquered, and before the tribes of the north were demolished. Both EN
Roman Invasion KingLuke 1.4 Partial Conversion 1.153 Singleplayer EN
Rome at War rgcotl 2.6 Beta hotfix Total Conversion 1.153-1.158 It is the year 300 B.C. Italy is preparing for war as the Samnites and Gauls prepare themselves for a titanic clash against the burgeoning and expanding power of Rome. Both EN
Roverside: Bootleggers mark_novak beta Total Conversion 1.174 Criminal World of Prohibition Fight with other gangs, sell smuggling, bootlegging, searches, arrests, killings. Be the harbinger of Anarchy Singleplayer EN
Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior Janycz 2.5 hotfix 2 Total Conversion 1.174 Both EN, RU, UK
Same Sex Marriage Mod Shik 1.0 Mechanics 1.168 This mod will enable gay and lesbian marriages in Mount&Blade Warband. Singleplayer EN
Sands of Faith thewanderingknight 2.3 Total Conversion 1.168 Total conversion mod for Mount & Blade Warband based in Middle-East during the crusades. The Crusader States start to struggle to keep their possessions in the Levant, Salah al-Din armies seem unstoppable and a new crusade is called... Singleplayer EN
Sayazn jacobhinds 3.0 Total Conversion 1.165 This is an upcoming low fantasy mod for Warband based on 17th century warfare. It will feature five major factions and several minor ones, all set in a land called Kharisir. Singleplayer EN
Scaedumar Mod Abhuva 0.4 beta Total Conversion, Compilation 1.134 The goal of this mod is to polish native game-play. It provides graphical and game-play changes for both early game play and mid to end game play, combining a huge range of Open Source Kits from the Taleworlds Forum and refined / self-developed scripts. You will have the freedom to choose from a wide range of tactical options for battles and strategic planning, managing your kingdom and interacting with NPCs. Singleplayer EN
Sevenheart - Total Conversion Project Efe Karacar 0.6b patch Total Conversion 1.174 Sevenheart is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~ Experience the story of Sevenheart in this epic journey. Singleplayer EN
Shogun woyo-sensei 0.7 beta Total Conversion 1.143 This mod is about Sengoku Period in Japan - one of the biggest civil war in this country. Both EN
Shot and Shell damonkey v0.7.5 Partial Conversion 1.158 Shot and Shell is a Multiplayer mod based in the 1700s, during the early years of the Seven Years War. Both EN
Show Your Might! Baxxardy 2.0 Total Conversion 1.153+ Singleplayer EN, RU
Siege Ladder Improvements Quasar 1.3 Mechanics 1.170 Intro: I'm currently playing this game again and from the last time I played it I remember I did not like the fact that the vanilla Mount & Blade: Warband often only has a single ladder to climb up during sieges. If you are sieging with 100+ soldiers that really feels ridiculous. I've searched this forum for a mod that changes this, but still I haven't found one that changed the sieges to my liking. So I started to edit the sieges myself and I will share my work because I think there are a lot more people looking for this. Singleplayer EN
Siege Mod Annynduir v.1.3b Map Pack, Partial Conversion 1.113 Multiplayer EN
Silverstag Windyplains 0.30.2 testing release Interface, Mechanics 1.153 Native campaign world with a strong emphasis for improving convenience, gameplay mechanics and adding new content to the overall M&B: Warband experience. Singleplayer EN
Skilled Magic Calradia High_priest_of_Ru 1.0.1 Total Conversion 1.172 Huge map and hardcore gameplay modification with many kinds of magic arts. Singleplayer EN
Snow in the East Snow in the East Mod Team v0.45 patch Total Conversion 1.174 Snow In the East is a total conversion modification about Soviet-German War (Great Patriotic War) in 1941 Both EN, ZH
Sorelle di Morte Pazzoberserk 0.66 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.153+ Both IT
Sparta zedpaolo 1.4 Total Conversion 1.174 The war between Sparta and Athens in the V century BC Singleplayer EN
Star Wars Conquest: The New Order Edition Khamukkamu k.v.07 Total Conversion, Sci-Fi 1.174 A Warband Port of the M&B 1.011 Modification Star Wars Conquest by Swyter and HokieBT. This port uses Diplomacy as base, with major modifications to the codebase (by Seek N Destroy and Khamukkamu). Singleplayer EN
Star Wars: Bear Force II BNS Marko V1039 Total Conversion, MP mode, Sci-Fi 1.174 A popular Star Wars Multiplayer mod. Multiplayer EN
Star Wars: Conquest Swyter 0.9.4 final nightly_patch Total Conversion, Sci-Fi 1.174 A STAR WARS mod originally made for M&B and ported to WB by Swyfter Singleplayer EN
Struggle for Bermia (for teatr Mod) Nikephoros Beta Partial Conversion 1.143 This mod is based on the teatr mod (wich has its own sub-board in the cartographers' guild), but is set on another continent, with new factions, troop, items etc. Essentially, the in-game factions are inspired (latu senso) to the renaissance and late medieval states of Italy. Both EN
Struggle For The Domination molashkre 2.0 Partial Conversion 1.100+ The mod is about wars in middle east,in second half of XII century. Singleplayer EN
Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth ShopperKimpy 1.16 Total Conversion 1.158-1.161 Singleplayer EN
Swadian Interregnum 1387 - TheSwan Edition TheSwan44 1.1 Total Conversion 1.174 Bringing back to life Swadian Interregnum 1387! improved version with Tocan's Calradia as base mod(lots of good features include and will be added). Singleplayer EN
Sword of Damocles: Warlords Computica 3.92f3 Total Conversion 1.148+ Sword of Damocles is A-Historical Medieval mod as our most intellect call it. It is a game based on the Invasion game type 1st developed by Geoffrey Ashe from the "NNY" mod and then picked up by Vonmistont back in Late 2008 as soon as he registered to the TaleWorld Forums. As far as the name is concerned the Sword of Damocles isn't the name of a sword but an actual person. It represents the pressure a King has and the impending doom that can strike upon a King/Queen at any moment. Regardless the name stuck and I'm sticking with it. Both EN
Sword Song BadKarma 0.91 Total Conversion 1.100+ This MOD is set in the British Isles between 800-900 CE for the WarBand expansion. Singleplayer EN
Tainted Paths troycall 2.5 Total Conversion 1.174 Singleplayer EN
Terra Aeterna Alexandru_cel_Mare 0.5 Total Conversion 1.134 Terra Aeterna is a light fantasy mod, featuring numerous new factions, armours, troops, NPC`s, etc, changing in many ways the world of Calradia. Singleplayer EN
Teutonic Campaings Jonev 0.1 Partial Conversion 1.127 This mod will not be just an ordinery one. It will have supreme reality! It will have troops and factions as well as wars based on history! Unlike other mods this one will have no strongest faction or troop! I remember that if you had a bunch of cavlary you could so easily win that it stopped being fun! Now in this mod every faction is equal! Singleplayer EN
Teutonic Order Drang nach Osten Vankod v0.99 Total Conversion 1.173+ Operation time - mid 13th century. The starting point in 1240. Singleplayer EN
Teutonic Wars CatNet 1.1 Early access Partial Conversion 1.173 Experience 1400 AD, in a time of war between the Teutonic Order and Poland in M&B Warband. Singleplayer EN
Texture Fiddling lucky lancer 1.0 Graphics 1.100+ As much as I always liked M&B, I always thought most of the vanilla M&B textures were too colorful, all too cheerful - in a land torn by war. Some others were just too plain, lacking quality, definition, sharpness. Of course Warband brought a lot of textures a big step forward. But not enough for my taste - or at least not entirely into the right direction. That's why I started to review, play around with and finally remix the color, saturation, brightness and contrast of numerous vanilla textures, one by one, to achieve a sharper, dirtier, darker, overall more "used" look - which in my eyes appears just a lot more REALISTIC and natural. In other words: I tried to get the best out of the vanilla textures. Of course this is a matter of personal taste and perspective. If you share mine, then this might be the mod for you! Both EN
The American Civil War Mod: Revived! King85 1.7 Total Conversion 1.174 The American Civil War Mod: Revived is a single player mod for Mount and Blade: Warband that is built upon an old civil war mod that ceased development, that was called, "A House Divided". Thanks to the help from the amazing community here, I have been able to include some new features in the mod, like advanced formations and fire orders, and successfully address many of the major bugs that came with the first release Singleplayer EN
The Blue Stone Lumos 0.3.0 Total Conversion 1.153 The world of Europa is on the brink of war, a war which threatens to engulf everyone and everything until all hope is lost... Both EN
The Bones of Ragnvald cwr 2.1 Total Conversion 1.173 Bones of Ragnvald is a story-driven medieval fantasy mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. Singleplayer EN
The Chocolate Box Beezarandy 1.01 Items 1.100+ Basicly this is a multi option variety items mod for Mount and Blade Warband single player aimed at people new to the game. I have tried my best to give comprehensive instructions for adding these newly compiled items to the game Singleplayer EN
The Civil War in Russia is the Day of the New Troubles AnarchistOsvoboditel 1.0 Total Conversion 1.174 The mod presents a redesigned version of the same theme from a user of Rockwell. Unlike its version, this option has a real map and more converted fractions: Armed forces of the south of Russia Russian Socialist Soviet Federative Republic Northwest army Polish Republic Third forces of Russia Ukrainian People's Republic Singleplayer EN, RU
The Conquerors of Coultchorn bentguisarme 1.1 1 Both
The Conquest of Siberia syabr 1.0 Total Conversion 1.172 Mod is desined for last Warband's versions and tells player about period of conquest of Siberia by Yermak. Players will be able to attend Yermak or join Siberian Khanate. It won't be a historical module down details and author don't actually plan to implement that. Some things aren't strictly historical, it is done to save the game balance. Global map, units' equipment and weapons meets with current epoch. There are also historial personalities of 1581—1585 years. Factions was created as prototypes of people living in Siberia in that historical period. There are Siberian Khanate, Rus and some local nomads' factions. There is new music dominated by Russian and Mongolian motifs. New scenes will give you an opportunity to take a look at stone fortress as well as old-Russian log cabins. Author plans to add Diplomacy module and some new quests. Singleplayer RU
The Deluge Slawomir of Aaarrghh 1.010 Total Conversion 1.168+ The Deluge is a standalone modification which brings us into the cruel and bloody wars of the 17th century in eastern Europe. Multiplayer EN
The Eagle and the Radiant Cross Somebody 1.132 Partial Conversion 1.134 Both EN
The Fall of Ideals Hartzekar 0.2 Total Conversion 1.158 This is a low fantasy multiplayer mod that expands on Natives class system. Multiplayer EN
The Fall of Mordor mauhur 1.25 Total Conversion 1.172 The Fall of Mordor is a multiplayer Lord of The Rings mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. It focuses on recreating different scenarios and events that took place in the trilogy. Outside of these scenario servers there will be normal multiplayer servers aswell where you can play more casually if you want. Events will be hosted every week where clans can battle it out against one another and see who comes out on top. We hopy you enjoy this mod we're working on, and we will seek to constantly update it by adding new features such as new scenarios, weapons, armor, sounds and other good stuff. Multiplayer EN
The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod mat2rivs 0.2.7d Total Conversion 1.143 The Gathering Storm is a mod based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It strives to capture the essence of the epic fantasy tale, while also retaining the open-ended feel of Mount and Blade. Singleplayer EN
The Glory of Castiliano 1097630238 0.46 Total Conversion 1.174 The Glory Of Castiliano is a new modification for Mount and Blade:Warband. It tells the stories about a unknown land called Castiliano. In the story, player come to a strange and chaos world. Factions are fighting against each other, but what player really need to worry are the dark powers hiding in the shadows. How do you defend yourself in this world? Will you save the people or your lover in this world? What are the dark powers? Singleplayer EN
The Great Conqueror syabr 0.4 Total Conversion 1.172 The idea of creating of this module originated in 2009. "The Great Conqueror" is a modification about the struggle for power between the great empires and the young nations at the end of the XVIth century. Singleplayer EN
The Hundred Years War Llew 6.0.1 Total Conversion 1.134 The Hundred Years War Mod is a full conversion of Mount & Blade Warband v1.134 based on... the Hundred Years War! Singleplayer EN
The Last Age Vallixx 1.01 Troops, Fantasy 1.172 Welcome to Calradia, shaped as a new middle Earth. This mod changes the look, and peoples of Calradia, with a new evil empire, Molor, spreading, the Free people of Calradia look to war in the south mountains, where Molor has conquered most of the Rhodok Tribes already. Will you join Molor? Or strike that them as a man of Calradia? The Play is yours. Both EN
The Last Breath of the Calradian Empire mike56 0.97 Partial Conversion 1.168 It's the year 795 in Calradia, a few year before the collapse of the ancient Calradic Empire under the boots of its barbaric enemies. Will you be an ally of the agonizing Empire, or will you be the great warrior that will thrust your sword into its heart? You decide. Singleplayer EN, ES
The Last Days TLD Team 3.6_r3456 (26/05/21) Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.158+ A Lord of the Rings mod - Read manual before download! [OLD] link for downloand:,2465.0.html Singleplayer EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, PL, RU, JA, ZH, CA, TR, SL
The Myth of a Legacy cwr 0.1 Total Conversion 1.153+ A total conversion fantasy mod. Singleplayer EN
The New World (1521) TheSwan44 v2 Total Conversion 1.174 A Clash in the new world between the the old powers(The Aztec Empire, The Mayans, The Chichimec Tribes, The Tlaxcalans and The Tarascans) and the new powers that just arrived such as New Spain, England French and more mercenaries from Europe Both EN
The Parabellum master_copypaster 1.2 Total Conversion 1.170 Welcome to the mod description page. Mod have it's own story that different of RW mod story: the year is 1918, The Great War of Calradia (the same as WW1) is delaying. Player enters Calradia in March 23 (i removed the starting quest) and meets coalitions fighting each other: Kingdom of Rhodoks (prototype - Italy) United States of Balion (prototype - USA) New Albion (prototype - Canada and UK) Versus: Swadian Empire (prototype - Germany) Sarranid Empire (prototype - Ottoman Empire and Near East) Helvetian Empire (prototype - Austria-Hungary) Singleplayer EN, RU
The Peloponnesian War Lynores Alpha Total Conversion 1.143 Singleplayer EN
The Reckoning La Grandmaster Alpha Total Conversion 1.158+ Singleplayer EN
The Reckoning Third Stage Lor Dric 1.90 Total Conversion 1.172 play in a land of the walking dead Singleplayer EN
The Reckoning: The new beginning Deadpool45676 RE Edition Total Conversion 1.171 The Reckoning The new beginning "This game happens 100 years after the events of the The Reckoning". When humanity was on the verge of extinction, the zombies rotted and disappeared. The humanity that remains is divided and wars have broken out. Its mission is to create peace among all factions. Singleplayer EN
The Red Wars Lor Dric 1.9 Total Conversion 1.158 - 1.172 In the year 1923, war erupts across Calradia and Balion once more Both EN
The Rise of Bandit 13exa beta Partial Conversion 1.143 Everything is mixed and became a component of Darkness in the middle of war Until sometimes, We must Killing, Raping, Burning, & Raiding, forced or not Now, Calradia is in danger Bandit is not just Raiding Now they conquering and began to expand their Empire When every Kingdom still busy with their rival Kingdom It is The Rise of Bandit Singleplayer EN
The Sword and the Axe Edgar Allan Poe Final version Total Conversion 1.174 A total conversion mod about Viking age Scandinavia circa 850AD. Singleplayer EN
The Throne Conquest gueldar 2.1.1 Total Conversion 1.172 The Throne Conquest aims to improve the medieval and realistic aspect of Mount & Blade : Warband with native compilation. This improvement comes from additions and modifications concerning several aspects of the game, ranging from new textures and sounds to gameplay evolution. The goal being to provide a better experience while staying close enought to the native experience, by making small but still noticeable changes. PS: The mod don't work on Linus and Mac Singleplayer EN, FR
The Veiled Stars Jarvisimo patch 0.3 Total Conversion 1.158 LOTR mod Singleplayer EN
The Vision LE dunde v1.003 Mechanics 1.153 This module is aimed to visualize every single war happened in Calradia, including ones which do not involve the player. This means it is time to say goodbye to the annoying simulated battle-result. Singleplayer EN
The War of Religion NordicCow 1.0 Total Conversion 1.172 This mod is about the war's of religion which is partially fictional and partially not...The factions who are fighting over Calradia are The Mamluk Sultanate,the Teutonic Order,the Curonians,the Kingdom of Sweden, and the Sacrum Imperium Romanum Singleplayer EN
This is Balkan 2: Revolution Started MightyL 1.0 BETA Total Conversion 1.172 Hello adventures. In this mod you will find out how it was on a Balkan during the Napoleonic era. Singleplayer EN
Time of New Chances: The Falcon, The Lion and The Star TheSwan44 alpha1 Total Conversion 1.174 First project of The Falcon, The Lion and The Star Team, a mod set in the chaotic world of the Near East. Is the year 612 BC and three old powers exhausted by their fights for the control of the caravan routes and the Eastern Mediterranean. Just when new young and rebellious factions fight for their sovereignty in the desorder of war, the revolts and the Arab and Libyan plunderers. Why will you fight? by the old Valley of Nile under the XXVI dynasty kings, or perhaps to win a good amount of the wealth of the splendid Babylonia as one of their lords. There are always the fierce Assyrians option, immersed in dynastic wars, when will the order arrive in that lands? Or will the ancient Semitic tribes in full swing in Yehuda and Phoenicia take the control? Decided factions: Assur (Assyria) Babyl (Babylon) Kaanhan (Phoenicia) Kemi (Egypt) Ysrael and Yehudah Lydia Singleplayer EN
Tocan's Calradia Tocan 1.6 Compilation 1.158 tocan's calradia try to improve the gameplay experience which makes m&b so fun, by including the best mods, adding new features, fixing native bugs and some gameplay changes. Singleplayer EN
Tohlobaria fladin 0.8 Map Pack, Troops 1.158+ 1257, 20 years already passed since the disappearance of the emperor, the former empire is dying and its capital is about to fall, overwhelmed by the new power incarnated by the city of Pravar. The war still raging between the Principality of Borovod and the young Kingdom of Hadvog for the control of the vast North. In the south, the sultan is determined, with the help of the Imifir Confederation to regain its territories lost during the Wyu invasion ... Singleplayer EN
Totalis Bellum TheSwan44 beta Total Conversion 1.174 Totalis Bellum will reference to the game- Rome Total War 1, featuring similar items, troops, map, factions and more. *The factions are- Gauls, The Greek Cities, Carthage, The House of Julii, The House of Scipii and The House of Brutii *Totalis Bellum is a simple mod and can be improve, i will work on this mod more if this will be requested. Singleplayer EN
Touhou Gensokyo Warfare~the Castiron Flame 雏芥子工坊 v0.510 Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Touhou Gensokyo Warfare (formerly known as Touhou Tinder) is a very unique mod based on Touhou Project, It is a fantasy world filled with eastern culture, this is the first formal Touhou Mount & Blade mod in the world, if you are a touhou fan or a anime lover, you won't miss it! Singleplayer ZH
Training Fields lucky lancer 1.0 1.132 Singleplayer EN
Turmoil Across the Stars Confederacy of Independent Modders 0.35 Alpha Release Total Conversion, Sci-Fi 1.174 Turmoil Across the Stars is an mod based on Star Wars Conquest. What it does, is bring the Clone Wars era into the module. Singleplayer EN
TweakMB kefka95 5.08 Mechanics 1.153 Mount & Blade tweaking made easy! TweakMB provides an easy-to-use interface for activating and modifying gameplay tweaks in Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: Warband, and Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. This includes things such as modifying tournament bet amounts, village improvement build times, party sizes, and much more (see below for a complete list). You can make as many modifications as you want within the program, then save all of them at the same time. Using TweakMB is very similar to modifying the module text files manually, but TweakMB automates the entire process (meaning it's much easier and faster to use), and also reduces the chances of user error. The pre-release versions contain only a limited selection of tweaks, but the number of tweaks supported will continue to increase with future releases. Singleplayer EN
Twilight of The Sun King Auldman 0.11 Total Conversion 1.153-1.154 The conflict was centered over, the French King, Louis XIV's attempt to seat a Bourbon ( His own grandson Phillip of Anjou) on the vacant throne of Spain. This would have created a Bourbon super-state in Europe. Opposed to Louis's, The Sun King's, attempt to install his own grandson as the Spanish King was an alliance led by the Holy Roman Empire who put forth their own candidate the Archduke Charles, a younger, son of Emperor Leopold I. War broke out in 1701 when Phillip of Anjou was proclaimed Phillip V of Spain. Joining the Holy Roman Empire in the struggle against Bourbon France and Spain were Great Britain, Holland (United Provinces), and Hesse-Kassel. Bourbon Spain and Bavaria, under Maximillian Emmanuel II, joined France. The war saw great clashes and the emergence of two major military leaders in the cause of the Holy Roman Empire: John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough who led a small British army over to the continent but won great victories at Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet and his Holy Roman Empire colleague Eugene of Savory. Singleplayer EN
Utrehd Works Utrehd 1.1 Map Pack, Troops, Sound 1.100+ Includes Music Pack, Castle Pack and Troops Pack! Both EN
Vikingr hrotha 1.0 Total Conversion This is a standalone mod that will have 4 factions, Vikingr, Anglo-Saxons, Normans and the Kievan Rus. Time period 1066, while the equipment that will be available will be from 6-7th to the 12th century. The mod will be kept as historical accurate as possible. The mod will also have maps of real locations such as Hastings, Stamford Bridge and Stiklestad. Multiplayer EN
Vita Dolentis DesideriusDolens 2.0 Partial Conversion 1.127 Roman era mod Singleplayer EN
War Became Worse Antoni 0.3 Total Conversion 1.165+ A complete new story for Calradia Singleplayer EN
War of the Gods: Wrath of Egypt TheBatmanofGotham 0.25 Total Conversion 1.172 In the land of Pharaohs & famed for the great construction of the Pyramids, Egypt is under the threat of full domination by the evil God, Set. Horus, son of Osiris & worshipper of the God of Light, Ra seeks to stand against Set. With an army, Horus can push Set & his forces out back. Will you aid Egypt to win freedom or will you assist Set in dominating the free lands of Egypt, allowing chaos to spread. Singleplayer EN
Warband Original Animations vuk ? Graphics, Mechanics 1.100+ I editted the actions file in my mod to add the original M&B animations back, and decided that I would release it so that others could easily use it as a base without going through the hassle of changing the animations themselves. Both EN
Warband Realistic Mod Ikaguia 1.1 Items, Mechanics Both EN
WarDrobe DtheHun 0.411 Graphics, Interface, Fantasy 1.173+ The mod expands Warband with customizable woman armors and other cosmetics for female characters. The stats of the 3 tiers (light, medium, heavy) are pre-set, the customization is only visual. Heavy custom armor has a larger variety of components besides of its better defense than the light woman starting gear. WarDrobe is building on Female body mod, and it's still in development. However, it's playable, and I release new items as soon as they are ready to upload. Singleplayer EN
Warhammer 40k: Battle for the Imperium AndreusAs ALPHA 3.2 Total Conversion 1.158 Creation the mod resting on the Universe Warhammer 40k make an emphasis on command game and close fight equally with exchange of fire, with fractions really differing from each other and huge quantity of features and the innovations, called up to force the players to feel themselves one of miniatures from tabletop game. Multiplayer EN
Warhammer 40k: Galactic Glory Revan Shan ALPHA Total Conversion 1.165 Multiplayer EN, ES
Warring States II Benkasim 1.101015b Total Conversion 1.132 The Era of Warring States is upon Caldaria. 13 Factions fight for unification and bring peace to the people. Who will be victorious? Based on the Diplomacy mod by Wahiti, the Warring States bring more action and intrigue beyond the native play. Will you be King or a Kingmaker? The choice is yours. Singleplayer EN
Warrior Evolution Apsod 1.2 MP mode 1.100+ In this mod you progress trough ages. There is nothing fancy. There are 11 ages in total: 1. Stone age 2. Copper age 3. Bronze age 4. Iron age 5. Roman empire 6. Dark age 7. Vikings 8. Age of chivalry 9. Age of exploration 10. Age of gunpowder 11. World war 2 Multiplayer EN
Warriors of the Gods Specialist 0.85 Total Conversion 1.134 Both EN
Wars for Calradia vazul2 1.02 patch Total Conversion 1.173 Greetings Warlord!This is a big single-player mod pack. I kept the native things and I put many new features in the mod, but the basic mod is "Tocans Calradia" mod (not my mod). The tocans mod is my favorite mod, therefore I used this. I will write, what kind of new things include my mod. Singleplayer EN
Warsword Conquest del patch for Warsword Dungeons Total Conversion, Fantasy 1.174 Warsword Conquest is a total conversion of warbands mount and blade 1.174 based on the warhammer fantasy world by Games workshop and is single player only at momen Singleplayer EN
WB:Restart! Tissimir 2.5 Graphics 1.174 "WB: Restart!" - This is a project aiming to overhaul graphics and to correct defects of the original Warband, it is inspired by the "Life of Calradia" by Lord Jamestown Singleplayer EN, RU
Wild Wind Shredzorz v0.17 Total Conversion 1.143 The Wild Wind is a multiplayer modification of Warband that focuses on survival and politics. Multiplayer EN
WILWATIKTA MOD 3sc0b4r 1.0 Total Conversion 1.174 Nusantara, the land of light, the land of surya/sun This mod about Indonesia, in this land the kingdoms rise and fall because of struggling and betrayal Your adventure, your way Singleplayer EN
WILWATIKTA MOD 3sc0b4r 1.0 Total Conversion 1.172 This mod about Indonesia, in this land the kingdoms rise and fall because of struggling and betrayal Your adventure, your way Singleplayer EN
World Map HD andrewraphaellukasik 1.2 Map Pack 1.158 World Map HD v1.2 is a texture pack changing visual appeal of Mount & Blade's main map. Singleplayer EN
World of Noth Efe Karacar 0.4a patch Total Conversion 1.174 World of Noth is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for Warband that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~ Furthermore, players should be guided to experience the world and learn that all have right to live refardless of color, race or purpose. Thats what we are, what life is. We are born to do extraordinary things if we choose to walk that tough path. Yet world goes on, and there is always hope even so how trying can times be. Choose a path, find your place in the world and witness what real world may once perhaps was or could be. Expect the impossible to be a possibility and only way to reach there is through friendship of those who did not yet find their place, wisdom of those who did and challenge of those who is going to call you to your new paths. Singleplayer EN
WWII: China Battlefield WilliamBerne v02.17.11 Total Conversion 1.134 Multiplayer EN
Zombie Mod MaHuD 2.1 MP mode 1.134 In this MP mod (for Team Deatmatch only at the moment) there is a Human faction and a Zombie faction. It's pretty simple; Human dies? Human becomes Zombie. Multiplayer EN
Λℓphα 's scenes Pack AlphA-FR 0.1 Map Pack 1.158 Scenes Pack for Mount and blade Warband & NW | based on Middle-Age Both EN