Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord





Name Author Version Categories Game Version Description Mode Languages
Advanced Custom Battle Bloc 0.2.1 Total Conversion b0.7.1 Let play a custom battle game starting from Bannerlord Beta version b0.7.1: Based on Battle Test mod on ModDB but I decompiled the .dll's and some Taleworlds .dll's and made another version. This includes the following: Map selection, Custom changes in position and some random values, Battle Morale, Battle Horns, Battle Chanting, Winning, Controlling the Bots, Extra Characters, Environment Sounds, Random Weather, Siege-like Behavior, God Functions, Simple UI Elements and much more.... Singleplayer EN
Auto-Recruit Prisoners crowless 1.3.0 Troops, Partial Conversion This mod simply recruits all of the available prisoners in the party as they defect, up to the current party limit. Chooses the highest-tier units first. Singleplayer EN
Battle Test modbed 0.2 Partial Conversion b0.6.3 This is a test mod for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, it's open sourced and mean to serve as a base for other more interesting mods. Singleplayer EN
BattleStamina - A Total War-inspired battle mechanics mod Jerezereh Partial Conversion e1.3.0 Make your battles more immersive by giving each troop its own personal stamina bar, spent as the troop fights and runs around the battlefield and create tactical decisions in battle. "Do I retreat my tired infantry to recover their strength, or keep fighting below full strength? Should I fight on or delay for a fresh wave of reinforcements?" Singleplayer EN
Custom Banners and Uniforms Color Pack (CBU Pack) Piconi Graphics Main Branch This mod pack changes all the non-ruler clans` with custom banners , plus makes changes to unifrom colors, which are by default ovesaturated, thus makes balance in natural cloth color and details colored in faction color. The mod is savegame compatible. Singleplayer EN
Dismemberment & Decapitation jedijosh920 1.1.0 Partial Conversion This mod adds the gore aspect of dismemberment and decapitation to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Whenever a player or NPC does fatal cut damage to an enemy's head by swinging left or right, there will be a chance the head will be decapitated. Singleplayer EN
Enhanced Battle Test lzh1019 0.5.5 Troops, Partial Conversion Closed Beta This is a single-player mod for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord that is derived from a mod called "Battle Test". You can choose multiple troops and make combat in various maps. You can also switch between player team and enemy team, to control both sides of troops. Multiplayer EN
Kingdom Creator EmreBugday 1.0.7 Partial Conversion Latest Beta Version With Kingdom Creator you can create a kingdom with pressing F4. If you are not already inside a kingdom, pressing F4 will prompt the Kingdom Creation window. You can name your kingdom from that screen. After clicking the Create Kingdom button you are now a king! Congratulations your highness... Singleplayer
More Raiding - A Raiding and Mayhem Mod Bloc 1.0.4 Partial Conversion, Mechanics More raiding mod gives you the chance of raiding villages and other locations in the Bannerlord. You can start mayhem in the town center, or in the tavern. But beware, every action you take have it's consequences. Singleplayer EN
Realistic Weapon Collision Welcome_To_Hell Partial Conversion This mod changes melee weapons collision reactions when striking other characters. Swords axes and polearms no long clip through the character on hits. The weapon clips through the character like in vanilla only if: the hit is a fatal blow, weapon doing the damage is a cutting weapon, and it hits the neck, hands or legs hitbox. Singleplayer EN
Respec Companions mr_mouflon 1.6 Troops, Partial Conversion Adds various console commands that can respec or reset companions, family members or the player character. Singleplayer EN
Revolutions - towns can revolt! Kommissar 0.22 for MAIN and 0.23 for BETA Partial Conversion, Mechanics Main & Beta Revolutions aims to stop snowballing, by allowing towns with low loyalty to revolt, providing they're owned by a different faction to their original. Singleplayer EN, PL, RU
RTS Camera Izh 2.0.1 & 3.0.0 Partial Conversion, Mechanics e1.2.0 & e1.3.0 A mod for Mount&Blade Bannerlord that provides features such as being able to issue orders in RTS Camera, control your troops after you dead, etc. Singleplayer EN